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Corporate brand guidelines for funding

Logos to acknowledge funding by Belfast City Council

External organisations must acknowledge our support by including our logo on all publications, digital
assets and advertisements. Please note that the words ‘Belfast City Council’ to the right of the council crest form part of the logo.

There are two main types of logo, depending on whether the council is the only funder or one of several funders.

If Belfast City Council is one of several funders - use the ‘master’ logo

This logo should be placed alongside other funder logos (equal size) where the council is one of several

Master logo: to be used on all full colour materials

Belfast City Council master colour logo

Mono logo: to be used on black and white and spot-colour materials

Belfast City Council black and white logo

Mono reverse logo: to be used on plain, dark coloured backgrounds

Belfast City Council mono reverse logo

If Belfast City Council is the only funder - use the ‘Supported by’ logo

Occasionally Belfast City Council will be the sole funder of projects. Please use logo below.

Supported by Belfast City Council logo

Exclusion zone and white box

Please note that the logo is supplied within a white box as shown below. This ‘exclusion zone’ is part of the
logo and cannot be cropped or covered with text or other graphics.

Belfast City council logo usage guidance

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