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Bridges Urban Sports Park

Coronavirus update

Bridges Urban Sports Park reopened on Friday 10 July. A process of cleaning will continue to be undertaken by staff, as part of their daily inspections. We encourage people to take responsibility for their own hygiene and to adhere to our signage which advises on best practice when using the facility.

Park location

The park is only for Parkour, skateboarding, in-line skating and BMX-ing. The park is under the M3 flyover at the junction of Little Patrick Street and Corporation Street (near Custom House Square).

Rules for using or visiting the park

 If you don’t observe these rules, we’ll ask you to leave the park.

  • The park is for Parkour, skateboarding, in-line skating and BMX-ing. No other vehicles are allowed, including motorised scooters
  • If you’re under 11 years old, you must be accompanied by an adult
  • Don’t take food or drinks onto the ramps or bowl
  • Wear appropriate safety equipment at all times (a minimum of a helmet)
  • Be courteous towards less-experienced park-users
  • If concrete surfaces are wet, don’t ride or skate
  • Don’t stand at the coping of the bowl or at the bottom of any ramps
  • Don’t use the park when under the influence of alcohol or any substances that could affect your co-ordination
  • If you fall and aren’t injured, get up and move to the side as quickly as possible
  • Make sure your equipment is well maintained, any failures could harm others around you
  • All users of the park are equal, regardless of age, ability or your chosen sport
  • Be aware of others around you and wait your turn
  • Be cautious when crossing the ramp areas to avoid collisions
  • Spectators should watch from the designated areas

We do not accept liability for injury or damage incurred when using the park and users of the facility do so at their own risk.

Park information

We worked with Belfast Urban Sports, a charity made up of expert urban sports enthusiasts, to develop Northern Ireland’s first urban sports park and make it a world-class, state-of-the-art facility. The project has three main funders: European Union Programme for Peace and Reconciliation (2007-2013), Better Belfast Landfill Tax Credit Fund, from Bryson Charitable Group and the council's capital programme.

The site was designed and built by Freestyle Skateparks, who have previously worked on some of the UK's leading urban sports parks.

Park events

To find out about events and activities in Belfast parks, go to Park events.

Park opening hours

Parks open at 7.30am every day. Closing times change as daylight shortens.
Date Closing time 
28 October – 10 November 2020 5pm
11 November – 31 December 2020 4.30pm


Bridges Urban Park is under the M3 flyover at the junction of Little Patrick Street and Corporation Street, near Custom House Square

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