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Universal Credit

Housing information

Who pays my rent?

It is very important that you tick the box to claim your housing costs. The Universal Credit ‘housing element’ will be paid directly to your landlord. This may not cover all of your rent and you will be responsible for covering any shortfall.

If you receive Universal Credit, Housing Benefit or you are living in a social sector house (Housing Executive or Housing Association), you can apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment to help pay your rent.

Call the Housing Executive on 03448 920 902 for more information on Discretionary Housing Payments.

What proof do I need?

You need to have details of your housing provider and how much rent you pay including any service charges and proof of your tenancy agreement. Make sure you take this information to your Universal Credit interview.

Are my rates included?

If you are already receiving Universal Credit, you must apply separately for Rate Rebate to help pay your rates. Tenants and homeowners need to apply for Rate Rebate. You apply online for Rate Rebate. For more information on rate rebate, visit nidirect (link opens in new window)

Do I need to tell my landlord?

Tell your housing provider of your changeover to Universal Credit straight away so they will be aware of any possible delay in housing costs.

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