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Integrated Quality and Environmental Policy Statement

Commercial and Procurement Services

Integrated Quality and Environmental Policy Statement

The role of Belfast City Council's Commercial and Procurement Services (CPS) is to develop and embed a consistent corporate approach to commercial and procurement activity, with an emphasis on maximising the Councils commercial position and generating positive outcomes for Belfast and the people of Belfast.

We will do this by driving effectiveness, efficiency and improvement of procurement processes and deriving value from all procurements and all income generation opportunities. CPS will support and contribute to the success of the Belfast Agenda and corporate vision through the key themes of ensuring compliance, adopting a collaborative and customer focused approach, developing and embedding a corporate approach to commercial and procurement activity.

Belfast City Council (BCC) recognises the actual and potential impact its spend has on the environment, and on the local economy, suppliers & communities in Belfast. This policy outlines the approach that CPS will take to integrate sustainability into the procurement of goods, works and services in order to optimise the economic, social and environmental benefits, in line with ISO 14001:2015. In addition, to accomplish and to maintain a high quality of service to meet the need of clients, we have integrated the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 which will provide a framework to continually improve the effectiveness of how we work and the consistency of quality to our clients,

Through the ongoing implementation of the CPS's Integrated Management System (IMS), we will therefore:

  1. Commit to fulfil all applicable compliance obligations including statutory, stakeholder and industry commitments and agreements.
  2. Commit to deriving value by procuring goods, works and services to the benefit of the people, the communities and the economy of Belfast from all procurement opportunities and third party expenditure
  3. Commit to reduce the environmental impacts of the Council and our supply chain through the adoption of a strategic, formal approach to environmental procurement
  4. Commit to maintain focus and resilience and continually improve the unit's performance through the IMS in the face of unprecedented internal and external change

Key elements of the unit's commitments therefore are:

  • Where practicable, we will seek to support BCC in spending money on procuring goods, works and services to the benefit of the people, the communities and the economy of Belfast. This specifically includes the use of Social Clauses in Council Contracts and where applicable the use of Article 20 .
  • We will encourage and persuade suppliers to continue to identify and integrate sustainable processes and products and to enhance their understanding of the Council's sustainability commitments.
  • We will seek to understand the impact of and implement the council's stance on both the Circular Economy and employability
  • We will develop and implement a process for the identification and integration of sustainability criteria into the procurement process including the specification of goods, works and services, selection of suppliers and award of contracts and will seek to use this approach to support capacity building and incremental improvement of performance.
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