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Play Ball at City Hall

Date: 2 July, 3pm

Venue: Belfast City Hall

Category: Our Place in Space


Bring your desire to try something that is both so simple and hilariously difficult with artist Mac Premo and Adrianna Dufay, as they create a unique piece of participatory art around Belfast City Hall.

In 2019, Mac recorded a group of people who came together, glove in hand, to have ‘a catch’ around a block in Brooklyn. It was a collective experience designed to inspire joy and comradeship in a local community through one simple movement — the playful act of throwing a ball.

In baseball, to have a catch is a magnificent thing. Without the exchange of a single word, a good catch becomes a poem of communication and cooperation. As part of Our Place in Space, Mac Premo is coming to Belfast to recreate this around our very own block, Belfast City Hall.

Will we make it? Surely we can.

This event is organised as part of the Our Place in Space project.

Tickets for Play Ball (link opens in new window)

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