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Team Resolute Meet the Buyer

Date: 9am to 5pm on Tuesday 3 October 2023

Venue: Titanic Hotel

Category: Business


Register for our meet the buyer event.

This free event is open to all businesses. We are hosting the event and working with Team Resolute, ADS and SMI. There’ll be a series of programme briefings, followed by short one-to-one introductory meetings with Team Resolute supply chain specialists. The event includes lunch and networking time. Team Resolute is a UK consortium consisting of Harland and Wolff, Navantia and BMT.

Face-to-face meetings with buyers

Buyers from the categories listed in the table will attend the event. To speak to a buyer, you must register for a slot.

Category Examples of sub-contracting
Hard FM Automated plant, innovation, renewables
Equipment - purchase and lease
Maintenance repair operations (MRO) Equipment hire, inspection, maintenance, monitoring, remote or automated robotic repair plant
Services Recruitment
Services Trades: 
Welders, electricians, cablers, insulation installers, fitters (interiors), shotblasters, machinists, pipers, specialist service providers, scaffolders, QA assurance (non-destructive essays, magnetic particles)
Equipment operators (heavy plant)
Services Turnkey labour services, support services
Services Support services: ancillary services, communications and marketing, laundry services, medical services, signage, temporary protections
Ship specific Audio visual equipment - ship appropriate, cleaning, temporary lighting, support services - events, readiness, galley- laundry equipment, furniture, medical equipment
Ropes, consumables, gaskets, special rubbers, flooring systems
Ship outfitters, signage, lifesaving equipment, electrical equipment, change room, workshop equipment
pipes and accessories: instruments including gauges

For programme information and event registration, go to ADS (link opens in new window). It is free to register with ADS.

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