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Belfast bakery fined for food hygiene offences

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Date: 25 May 2021

The operator of a Belfast bakery has been prosecuted at Belfast Magistrates’ Court today in relation to food hygiene offences.

The prosecution was taken by Belfast City Council against Mr. Zhao Yuan Yao following a routine inspection of Kam Yaun Chinese Bakery, 110 Donegal Pass, Belfast in February 2020. A number of follow-up inspections to monitor improvement in hygiene standards were also carried out.

During inspections, Environmental Health Officers found Kam Yuan Chinese Bakery was not pest proofed and there was an active mouse infestation. The premises, including equipment, was not kept clean and food was stored in a manner that presented a risk of contamination.

The premises was rated one indicating “major improvement necessary” to comply with the food hygiene requirements.

The food business operator agreed to close voluntarily and re-opened 17 days later after officers confirmed there was no longer a health risk.

The operator was fined £1000 in total and ordered to pay £80 legal costs and an offender levy of £15.

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