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Belfast councillors strike district rate for 2024/25

Date: 12 Feb 2024

Category: News

Members of Belfast City Council have agreed an increase in the district rate for 2024/25 of 5.44%.

In real terms, this means an average weekly increase of:

•           £0.35 for a terraced property

•           £0.53 for a 3-bed semi-detached property

•           £1.18 for a 4-bed detached property

•           £0.34 for an apartment

•           £8.94 for an office property

•           £7.32 for a retail property

Councillor Christina Black, Chair of Belfast City Council’s Strategic Policy and Resources Committee, said: “While it has not been possible to avoid an increase in rates again this year, all parties have worked hard to keep this year’s rise as low as possible.

“Like everyone, our council is impacted by the cost-of-living crisis and continued high prices for energy, insurance and other services, but we have delivered significant savings in order to absorb some of those external pressures, while also supporting our own staff who deliver so many key services for our city.

“This increase will allow us to support our council workers with fair pay and also invest in improvements which will make a real difference to citizens. These include the expansion of glass recycling provision, funding towards new and improved pitches for sports clubs and an enhancement of our Christmas events programme to support the retail and hospitality sector.”

Belfast City Council has already delivered:

•           £400m investment in council facilities, including £105m in new leisure centres. Projects delivered in 2023/24 included the restoration and expansion of Templemore Baths, a new visitor centre for Belfast City Cemetery, a new public park at Páirc Nua Chollann and the 12km Forth Meadow Community Greenway

•           £9m Local Investment Fund

•           £28m Belfast Investment Fund

•           £4m Social Outcomes Fund

•           £18.77m City Centre Investment Fund

•           £10m Neighbourhood Regeneration Fund

•           £850m Belfast Region City Deal, including £100m for new Belfast Stories visitor attraction.

Councillor Black added: “We will also continue to prioritise frontline services like dog fouling, street cleaning and community safety to support local communities, businesses and vulnerable people, while also working to fulfil the potential of our city to become a leader in areas like digital innovation and climate change.

“As councillors, we are committed to reducing the financial impact on ratepayers as much as possible - we recognise the pressures many households and businesses face, and will continue to scrutinise council spending and look for new ways to make our services more efficient and financially sustainable.”

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