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Belfast Trust achieves Calorie Wise Gold Award

Date: 22 Jan 2020

The Belfast Health and Social Care Trust is recognised with a Calorie Wise Gold Award for displaying calorie information on all menu items in restaurants across five of its hospital sites.

Calorie Wise is a scheme developed by the Food Standards Agency and district councils in Northern Ireland. It encourages food businesses to display calorie information on their menus enabling customers to make informed food choices when eating out and on the go.  

 The innovative scheme hopes to meet the growing demand for calorie labelling which can positively affect food and drink choices and calories consumed.

Speaking at a Calorie Wise celebration event, Dr McBride, Chief Medical Officer, said: “Obesity is one of the most important public health challenges facing Northern Ireland. I welcome the positive action taken by the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, FSA and district councils to help address obesity by supporting people to live healthier lives.”

 Commenting on the award, Cathy Jack, CEO of the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust said: “We are delighted to have achieved the Calorie Wise Gold award across five hospital sites. We want to ensure our staff, patients and visitors have the information they need to make healthy and thoughtful food choices. We are already seeing positive changes in the eating habits of our clients.”

 Deputy Lord Mayor of Belfast City Council, Cllr Peter McReynolds attended the event, and said: “Congratulations to the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust on their Calorie Wise Gold Award. Here at Belfast City Council we are committed to creating a healthier city for everyone and helping residents make informed decisions about their food and drink choices. I would encourage catering and hospitality businesses in the Belfast area to follow the excellent example of the Belfast Trust and, with support from the Council, implement the Calorie Wise scheme for the benefit of their customers.”

Welcoming the Belfast Trust’s achievement, Maria Jennings, Director of Food Standards Agency Northern Ireland, said: “Displaying calorie information empowers customers to make informed choices and encourage healthy eating.  We encourage all catering businesses, to work with their local council and the FSA, to implement Calorie Wise in their restaurants, canteens and cafes across Northern Ireland.”

 For more information on the scheme and how to participate, visit

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