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Lord Mayor helps to launch International Women's Day celebrations with Reclaim the Agenda

Date: 10 Feb 2020

The organisers of this year’s International Women’s Day celebrations in Northern Ireland are setting their sights on equal treatment for all.

The organisers of this year’s International Women’s Day celebrations in Northern Ireland are setting their sights on equal treatment for all.

‘Rights in Sight’ is the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day Rally on Saturday 7 March which will celebrate women’s achievements and demand updated equality legislation.

The rally will have a family-friendly, carnival atmosphere, with samba drummers, ukulele players, circus performers and participants in period Suffragette costumes as they march from Writer’s Square to Belfast City Hall to hear speeches from leading members of the women’s movement.

“The International Women’s Day rally is an event to celebrate together but it’s also time for us to call for parity with our sisters in Great Britain and Ireland. Here in Northern Ireland we are using outdated laws and we call on the Assembly to bring us in line with the rest of the UK to use legislation that is relevant today,” said Danielle Roberts, co-chair of Reclaim the Agenda. 

Northern Ireland has the worst incidence of domestic abuse in the UK, yet has no legislation tackling stalking, up-skirting and coercive control. To coincide with International Women’s Day a motion is going before Belfast City Council highlighting sexual harassment and violence against women.

“We need Government to make new laws and to develop strategies on childcare and gender equality. We need them to implement legislation properly rather than looking for loopholes and massaging figures,” she added.
The International Women’s Day programme in Northern Ireland includes a full month of activities, events, workshops, talks and gigs.

Highlights include:

Lunchtime lecture – Women on the front line of climate change
Lunchtime lecture – Fighting Austerity or Embedding Poverty
Panel discussion with QUB Gender Network - Feminist Abolition & The Harms of Criminalisation
Belfast Ravens host a Women’s Football Match in 3G pitches on Ormeau Park
Speaking ahead of International Women’s Day, Lord Mayor of Belfast, Councillor Daniel Baker, commented, “I’m delighted to get alongside Reclaim the Agenda to raise awareness of the International Women’s Day rally which will take place on Saturday 7 March and to highlight the programme of events running in Belfast throughout the month. 

"I would encourage everyone to come along, especially on 7 March, as we celebrate women’s accomplishments and highlight what still needs to be achieved to create an equal society for all regardless of sex or gender in our city.”

For more information about this year’s International Women’s Day across Northern Ireland go to the International Women’s Day Northern Ireland and Reclaim the Agenda Facebook pages.

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