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Lord Mayor in Dublin for two day visit

Date: 14 Feb 2022

Belfast’s Lord Mayor Councillor Kate Nicholl is in Dublin for a series of engagements as part of a two day visit.

Belfast’s Lord Mayor Councillor Kate Nicholl is in Dublin for a series of engagements as part of a two day visit.

The First Citizen was invited to spend time in Dublin by the city’s Lord Mayor, Councillor Alison Gilliland.

During the visit, Councillor Nicholl is attending the launch of a new exhibition at the Little Museum of Dublin as well as visiting a needle exchange project to learn what is being done to help tackle drug addiction and homelessness in Dublin city centre.

Councillor Nicholl said: “I was delighted to receive an invitation from Dublin’s Lord Mayor to spend time in the city. Over the last few months, we have had some really useful discussions around the issues affecting our respective cities, many of which have been exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic – and many of which we share in common.

“I think it is so important to look outwards sometimes, to share learning and ideas; and particularly this visit is about demonstrating how important it is to collaborate with our neighbours and to open up conversations.”

Councillor Nicholl will also join the Lord Mayors of Dublin, Manchester and Liverpool for a virtual meeting about how the four cities can strengthen future links and collaborate on key issues.

The exhibition at the Little Museum of Dublin, which is a cross-border partnership with National Museums NI, is entitled ‘You Say You Love Me but You Don’t Even Know Me’. 

Featuring 35 artefacts from the collections of National Museums NI the exhibition explores different perspectives of ‘Irishness’ and the island’s complex shared history.

“As we reflect on 100 years since partition, I think it has brought a renewed focus to our shared history and opened up conversations around identity and belonging, as people tell their own stories. Our history is complex and no two people’s story is the same, and that is what makes us so unique,” said Councillor Nicholl.

“This exhibition will give people the opportunity to explore and learn about both our shared and individual identities. Cross border collaboration is vital on this island and You Say You Love Me But You Don’t Even Know Me is a wonderful example of how this can manifest itself in a creative and compelling way. I’d like to congratulate all those involved in curating this very impressive collection.”

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