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Man convicted following dog attack on a person

Date: 24 Apr 2024

City Hall in Belfast

A Belfast man has been sentenced at Belfast Magistrates Court (Tuesday 23 April 2024) following his conviction for an offence involving a dog attack on a person.

Belfast City Council took the prosecution against Stuart Grace (aged 43) of Forthriver Crescent, Belfast.


The prosecution was taken after a report that Mr Grace’s German Shepherd dog had attacked a woman, injuring her arm and back at Forthriver Crescent, Belfast on 27 May 2023.


Mr Grace was convicted under Article 29(2) of The Dogs (Northern Ireland) Order 1983. Mr Grace was sentenced to 80 hours of Community Service and required to pay compensation and other costs totalling £531.


On a further charge of breaching control conditions previously placed on the dog’s licence, Mr Grace was convicted under Article 30F(1) of The Dogs (Northern Ireland) Order 1983 and given a conditional discharge for 12 months.

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