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Applying for planning permission


VU.CITY Belfast is an accurate digital 3D model of the city. It provides an interactive view of Belfast and is used by our Planning Service to help assess planning applications, inform pre-application discussions and develop future planning policies.

VU.CITY Belfast includes:

  • a fully interactive 3D model of Belfast city, extending over 52sq/km
  • an accurate city model including terrain (roofscape accuracy to 15cm)
  • street level walk mode
  • ability to explore Belfast viewpoints in virtual reality
  • sunlight and shadowing simulation
  • integration of proposed projects to assess the cumulative impact of proposals.

Applicants and developers may wish to use VU.CITY to support their planning application or inform the pre-application process.

VU.CITY is managed and maintained independently of the council and while applicants are not obliged to use this service, the integration of large-scale proposals into the model may assist in the decision-making process. 

You can use VU.CITY Belfast:

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