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Regional planning policy

Regional planning policy introduction

The Department for Infrastructure has published a range of planning policies and guidance that apply to the whole of Northern Ireland. This includes a series of requirements that we must take into account when preparing our Local Development Plan. It also includes policies to guide us on individual planning applications. 

Regional Development Strategy 2035

The Regional Development Strategy aims to take account of the economic ambitions and needs of the region. It identifies spatial planning, transport and housing priorities to support these regional goals.

Read more on the Department of Infrastructure's website (open in a new window)

Strategic Planning Policy Statement

The 'Strategic Planning Policy Statement for Northern Ireland' - Planning for Sustainable Development (SPPS) sets out regional planning policies for developing land in Northern Ireland under the reformed two-tier planning system.

The provisions of the SPPS must be taken into account in the preparation of Local Development Plans. They can also impact on decisions relating to individual planning applications and appeals.

Planning Policy Statements

Planning Policy Statements (PPSs) set out regional policies on particular aspects of land-use planning. They must be taken into account in preparing development plans and are relevant to individual planning applications and appeals. These documents will be replaced by the new Local Development Plan when we adopt our Plan Strategy for the district.

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