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Forthriver Park

Forthriver Park is in north Belfast. The park opened in 1975 and was formed from estate lands belonging to Forth River House.

Getting to Forthriver Park

Enter the park at Ballygomartin Road. If you are travelling by bus from Belfast city centre, take Metro no.11 B-D.

Other attractions in the park

Clarendon Park Playing Fields are located in Forthriver Park. There are soccer pitches and multi-sports facilities.

Park events

To find out about events and activities in Belfast parks, go to Park events.

Park opening hours

Parks open at 7.30am every day. Closing times change as daylight shortens.
Date Closing time 
28 October – 10 November 2020 5pm
11 November – 31 December 2020 4.30pm

Map of Forthriver Park


Forthriver Park, Ballygomartin Road, Belfast BT13 3LD

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