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Transforming leisure

Transforming leisure

We’re investing £105 million over the next ten years to improve our leisure centres, programmes and services. This is a unique opportunity to improve the health and wellbeing of our city, by delivering a quality service that meets the needs of our communities.

This investment is in addition to our £150 million Investment Programme and will include areas that have joined us as part of Local Government Reform.

We're keen that each of the developments offers a unique selling point which will encourage people to move across the city to use the different facilities.

In addition to the capital redevelopment, our leisure centres are now managed by GLL under the Better brand. GLL is a non-profit distributing organisation (NPDO) with vast experience of leisure facility management. This new business model will help deliver efficiencies, fresh programming, greater outreach, improved facilities and new opportunities for staff.

Timescales for delivery

Please note that Andersonstown Leisure Centre is now closed to enable work to start on our new £25 million state-of-the-art centre, due to open in summer 2019. Andersonstown Leisure Centre members can now use the facilities at our other leisure centres in the city at no extra cost.

Construction work on our capital redevelopments will take place in distinct phases to minimise disruption to our services.

The first phase of this programme includes the development of Girdwood Community Hub, which is now open, and the new Olympia Leisure Centre which is now opened.

We are now focusing our efforts on finalising the plans for the Andersonstown Leisure CentreBrook Activity Centre and Robinson Centre sites. 

Following an initial consultation exercise, we agreed on the proposed focus for each centre and developed initial designs. Using these designs we carried out further community consultation in September 2016 and we have now analysed the feedback received.

Based on the feedback, we developed further designs for each centre.  Planning applications for the Robinson Centre and Brook Activity Centre were submitted in November 2016 and planning permission was granted on 11 April 2017. The planning application for Andersonstown Leisure Centre was submitted in March 2017.

Construction work on all three centres is expected to commence in summer 2017.

Having recently won a UK wide competition to secure funding through the Heritage Lottery Fund, we are also developing plans to restore and extend Templemore Baths, bringing the iconic Victorian building back to its former glory.

Following this, further developments are planned for Avoniel Leisure Centre and Girdwood. We will be consulting on these in due course.