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Trading at St George's Market

Permanent trading at St George's Market

Want to trade at Britain’s best market? St George’s Market, which attracts over 1 million visitors every year, has openings for traders at our Friday, Saturday and Sunday markets. 

Friday Variety Market

We are accepting applications from traders of all categories at the Friday Market. 

Saturday Food and Craft Market

We are accepting applications for food traders only at the Saturday Market.  

Sunday Market

We are accepting applications for food traders only at the Sunday Market. 

How to apply

Please complete our application form.

The deadline for applications is 4pm on Monday 21 January 2019

Terms and conditions

You must be able to show evidence of public liability insurance covering no less than £5 million.

Many traders get this through the National Market Traders Federation ( but we don't mind who you use as long as your insurance covers no less than £5 million. 

Stalls cost £16 per day with an extra £3 for electricity if it's required.

There are only a limited number of stalls available for each market day. Applications from those who are currently casual traders and have built up the most loyalty points in the above categories will be offered first option of a vacant stall.

We will also give priority to applications from loyalty point holders who are currently selling products other than those listed, provided the application is to trade in one of the categories we’re now inviting applications for. If this applies to you, please let us know if you also want to remain on the waiting list for a permanent stall in your original category, for example jewellery, music or craft.

Please also note that you can only sell products in the category that you’ve been given a licence for. There will be no exceptions.

Food safety information for food traders

All food traders are required to have adequate hand washing facilities, to include hot and cold running water, soap and individual means of hand drying.

Any high risk food traders will be required to have their own facilities and those determined as lower risk can share with one other adjacent trader. To determine which category you fit into please speak to an Environmental Health Officer in our Food Safety team.

It is the responsibility of each trader to have their own wash hand facilities. St George's Market has a limited amount for hire at £5 per day. All units will be hired on a first come first served basis.

No one will be allowed to trade on any market day unless they have the required  hand washing facilities. Any trader wishing to trade (including casuals) will be required to produce evidence of having the required washing facilities before they will be permitted to trade. Absence of suitable facilities will result in the trader being required to cease trading.

Real Deal charter

Real Deal market charter

Traders at St George's Market became the first in Northern Ireland to sign up to the national Real Deal charter on 20 July 2012, a campaign aimed at stamping out the possibility of fake, illegal or unsafe goods from market stalls.

We were the first local authority in Northern Ireland to embrace Real Deal, which reinforces our commitment to combating the sale of counterfeit and other illegal goods at the market by working in partnership with the relevant authorities. For more information on the Real Deal visit

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