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IT training

Microsoft Access 2016 (Intermediate)

  • Course duration

    One day: 9.30am - 4.30pm

  • Course description

    Microsoft Access is a database software application. It is a tool for storing information which can then be retrieved using reports and queries.

    The Intermediate Access course introduces the user to some of the more complex functionality of Access. The properties of the fields in a table are formatted so to restrict the data that can be entered. Sub Forms are created to enter information. Queries are produced using prompts and wildcards and reports created to summarise information.

  • Prerequisites of course

    Attendance at a Basic Access course or an understanding of creating tables and queries within Access.

  • Course agenda

    Exercise Details
    Exercise 1 Creating an Access database
    • Creating, naming and saving a database
    • Creating tables in design view
    • Defining a primary key and indexing fields within a table
    Exercise 2  Amending the design of the table
    • Adding and deleting fields
    • Amending the size of a field
    • Creating Lookup Wizards
    Exercise 3  Creating tables
    • Creating, naming and saving a database
    • Creating tables in design view
    • Defining a primary key and indexing fields within a table
    Exercise 4  Importing a table
    • Importing an Excel document into the database
    Exercise 5 

    Creating relationships

    • Linking tables together
    Exercise 6 

    Adding data to tables

    • Entering information into a table using Datasheet View
    Exercise 7 

    Creating simple forms

    • Creating a form using the Form Wizard
    • Formatting the form in design view
    • Adding headers and footers
    Exercise 8

    Creating subforms

    • Adding a subform to a form
    Exercise 9 

    Creating queries in design view

    • Creating and execute queries in design view
    ​Exercise 10 

    Creating queries using multiple tables

    • Create and execute queries using more than one table
    Exercise 11  Using parameter queries and wildcards
    • Creating a query using parameters and wildcards
    Exercise 12  Creating reports (grouping and summarising data)
    • Creating a grouped and sorted report in design view
    Exercise 13  Grouping and summarising using the report wizard
    • Grouping and sorting a report using the report wizard.
  • Goals and objectives of course


    1. To introduce the concept of a database and the elements which comprise a database.
    2. To introduce ways in which information can be held, displayed and obtained from a database.


    After completing this course you will be able to:

    1. open Microsoft Access
    2. create, open and save a database
    3. create tables within a database into which records can be entered
    4. edit the information within a table
    5. link multiple tables
    6. create and edit forms used to enter information
    7. create and execute queries to retrieve specific information
    8. create queries based on multiple tables
    9. create filters and sorts
    10. create reports based on tables or queries
    11. create formulae within Access to the summarise data in reports
    12. navigate between tables, forms, reports and queries using the database window
    13. save the database
    14. close Microsoft Access.

    You will complete all of these using Microsoft Access.

  • Cost of course

    External attendees: £110 plus VAT per candidate.

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