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IT training

Microsoft Word 2016 (Basic)

  • Course duration

    One day: 9.30am - 4.30pm

  • Course description

    Microsoft Word is a word processing package. Word processing is a term used to describe a simple basic concept-writing words which can be re-used or changed, either during the process of initiating a document or later. It entails preparing, editing, storing, retrieving and printing text.

  • Prerequisites of course

    • A basic understanding of Microsoft Windows.
    • Knowledge of creating folders and saving to specific folders.
    • Familiar with using the mouse, terms like maximise and minimise.
  • Course agenda

    Exercise Details
    Exercise 1
    • Entering and editing text and saving
    • Overview of the task panes
    • Entering, editing, selecting and deleting text
    • Saving
    Exercise 2 
    • Formatting text and paragraphs
    • Applying different formatting to paragraphs, headings
    • Undoing actions
    Exercise 3 
    • Indentation and adjusting page set-up
    • Changing page set-up, for example margins, orientation
    • Indentation
    • Different ways to view the document and printing
    Exercise 4  Using tabs
    • Setting, moving and deleting tab stops
    Exercise 5 


    • Working with tables
    • Borders and shading
    Exercise 6 

    Copy and paste, cut and paste

    • Cutting, copying and pasting text
    • Working with multiple windows
    Exercise 7 

    Symbols and borders

    • Inserting symbols and letters
    • Applying borders to paragraphs
    Exercise 8

    Using find and replace and spell check tools

    • Find and replace
    • Spelling and grammar check
    Exercise 9 

    Autocorrect and Autotext

    • Using autocorrect to correct spelling
    • Using Autotext as a shortcut tool
    ​Exercise 10 

    Numbering and bullets

    • Creating numbered and bulleted lists
    • Line breaks
    Exercise 11  Page numbers, page breaks and help
    • Inserting page numbers
    • Inserting and deleting page breaks
    • Using help within Word
  • Goals and objectives of course


    1. to introduce Microsoft Word and its functions as a word processing tool
    2. to develop and improve the users understanding of working with documents and the various ways a documents appearance can be changed
    3. to improve the users knowledge of the various tools provided within Word and, thus, make their use of this word processing application more efficient.


    After completing this course you will be able to:

    1. open Microsoft Word
    2. open existing documents and create new documents
    3. enter, edit and delete text
    4. select words, sentences and paragraphs and apply various types of formatting
    5. merge and split paragraphs
    6. change the set-up of the page
    7. apply indentation to paragraphs, insert and edit tab stops
    8. insert and edit tables
    9. apply borders and shading to specified areas of a document
    10. change the way the document is viewed
    11. cut, copy and paste information
    12. copying formatting using the format painter tool
    13. insert page and line breaks
    14. work with multiple windows
    15. insert and format symbols
    16. find and replace text
    17. perform a spell and grammar check on documents
    18. use Autocorrect and Autotext features
    19. apply bullets and numbering to specified areas of a document
    20. use help within Word
    21. use print preview and print the document
    22. save documents to a specified area.

    You will complete all of these using Microsoft Word version 2007.

  • Cost of course

    External attendees: £110 plus VAT per candidate.

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