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Green and blue infrastructure plan

  • Green and blue infrastructure plan

    Our first Green and Blue Infrastructure Plan for Belfast recognises that our vegetated areas (the green) and our waterways (the blue) provide a broad range of economic, social and environmental benefits in and around our more urban areas.

    We're starting to think of these natural and semi-natural assets as ‘infrastructure’ and like any type of infrastructure, these assets will only continue to provide us with these benefits if we actively plan, invest in and manage them to ensure that they are utilised sustainably.

    To do this, the plan sets out an ambitious vision that by 2035 green and blue infrastructure will be strategically planned to enhance ecosystem services that benefit all living, working in and visiting Belfast. This vision is supported by five strategic principles:

    1. Biodiverse.
    2. Planned, interconnected networks.
    3. Integrated into the urban environment.
    4. Well designed and managed.
    5. Appropriately funded. 

    Request a copy of the Green and Blue Infrastructure plan by emailing

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