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Apply for a road closure

  • Apply for a road closure

    The Building Control public reception at Cecil Ward Building is open.

    Days Times
    Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm
    Friday 9am to 4.30pm

    To make an application for a road closure you can: 

    Once we confirm the relevant fee you can pay it by bank transfer (BACS), contact us for payment details, or we can call you to pay by credit or debit card over the phone. 

    You can post your application form and a cheque for the fee to us.

    Let us know how you want to pay when making your application.

  • Road closures applications

    You may need to apply to us for a Road Closure Order if you are holding an event on a public road in Belfast. The legislation we do this under is the Road (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act (NI) 2010 and Road Traffic Regulation (NI) Order 1997

    Where a proposed event is to be held in Belfast City Council’s area and also extends into another council area, for example the Belfast Marathon, you must make an application to both councils.

  • What do I need to consider before making my road closure application?

    You must consider how traffic will be diverted or stopped to facilitate your event. You will need to provide us with a traffic management plan showing how people will be protected from live traffic and other potential dangers for the duration of the event. You should note pedestrian access must be maintained at all times. Such access needs to be maintained to any premises situated on the road and any premises accessible from (and only from) the road.

    You will need to show us how you have carried out neighbourhood notification by showing your consultations with all residents, businesses, bus and taxi companies which may be affected by your proposal.

    You need to have sufficient insurances with relevant bodies, such as £10million public liability insurance.

    You should also refer to the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) Roads guidance for promoters of events before applying to us.

  • How do I arrange a pre-application discussion?

    You can email or call us on 028 9027 0650 to discuss your proposals before you make your application.

    A pre-application discussion allows us to help you with the application process and will improve the quality and speed of your application.

  • What do I need to submit a road closure application?

    You must submit a completed application form and pay the relevant fee. You must submit your application at least 12 weeks before the date of the proposed event.

    Application forms are available online, or you can email to request a document or you can call into our public office and collect the relevant documents:

    Cecil Ward Building
    4-10 Linenhall Street
    BT2 8BP

    Save application form

    Email your completed application to

    You will also need to organise public liability insurance for your event, and must provide us with a £10million public liability insurance declaration

    Save Public Liability Insurance guide

    We need additional information about filming events. You will need to complete and include this supplementary form in your submission.

    Save additional information and guide for filming

    You will also need to include:

    • A traffic management plan
    • Neighbourhood notification
    • The appropriate fee
    • Other relevant documents as noted on the application form

    Contact us for more information on the required documentation and the fee that you need to pay, or arrange a pre-application discussion. We can explain our requirements to you and tell you the appropriate fee.

    Payment of fees: postal applications should include fee payment by cheque, made payable to Belfast City Council or we can contact you for payment: 

    • by debit card or credit card over the phone, 
    • payment in person at our office can be made by debit card, credit card or cash.

    Applications should be emailed to or returned to us in person or by post to:

    Building Control
    Ground Floor
    Cecil Ward Building
    4-10 Linenhall Street
    BT2 8BP

  • How early do I have to apply?

    You must provide plenty of notice and make your application at least 12 weeks before your proposed event in order to allow us to consult with various statutory bodies and to publicly advertise the proposed road closure in a local newspaper and on this website. 

    We must allow a 21 day period for representations (objections or comments of support) to be submitted and to be determined by the council.

  • How do we assess your application for a road closure?

    We publicly advertise the proposed road closure in a local newspaper and on this website (see the current and previous road closure applications section of this website).

    We must allow a 21 day period for representations (objections or comments of support) to be submitted and determined by the council. We also consult with various statutory bodies including the Police Service of Northern Ireland and the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service about the proposed road closures. We also seek approval from DfI Roads.

    Following our consultations and the closing of the 21 day period we will contact you to inform you of the council’s decision either to approve or refuse the road closure, and if approved we will send you the Road Closure Order. When we make a Road Closure Order, it will contain all of the conditions that you need to comply with when holding your event.

    If a road closure application is refused, there is no provision for an appeal against our decision in the legislation.

  • What happens if I do not comply with any requirement of an order?

    Road closures are enforced by the Police Service of Northern Ireland. Anyone holding an event without approval or failing to comply with the conditions of a Road Closure Order will be guilty of a criminal offence. Also, the council will take any previous non-compliance into account when assessing future road closure applications.

Contact us

For more information and advice, get in touch.

028 9027 0650

Building Control, Ground Floor, Cecil Ward Building, 4-10 Linenhall Street, Belfast, BT2 8BP

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