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Resilient Belfast

Belfast, a Fairtrade city

  • Fairtrade

    Fairtrade aims to give better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. Fairtrade addresses the injustices of modern trade, which can penalise the poorest producers. By getting companies to pay fair prices, it helps these producers to improve their position and have greater control over their own lives. 

  • Fairtrade city status

    Belfast has had Fairtrade City status from the UK Fairtrade Foundation (link opens in a new window) since 2005. Belfast was the first city to gain dual Fairtrade accreditation when we also received accreditation from Fairtrade Ireland (link opens in a new window) in 2006.

  • How we support Fairtrade

    As an organisation, we support Fairtrade by:

    • buying Fairtrade products whenever possible
    • using tea and coffee products with the Fairtrade mark at meetings and civic events
    • encouraging our catering contractors to use Fairtrade tea and coffee
    • encouraging organisations hosting events in the City Hall to use of Fairtrade products
    • integrating Fairtrade issues into our Council Climate Plan
    • raising awareness about Fairtrade among our employees and Belfast citizens
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