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Play centres and play projects

Play centres

Play Centre Day  Time and age Contact Details

North Queen Street Play Centre

Henry Street, BT15 1DF

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday


P1-P3 - 2pm to 3.15pm

P4- P7 - 3.30pm to 4.45pm

P1-P3 - 2pm to 3pm

P4-P7 - 3.15pm to 4.15pm

028 9075 3897

Loop River Play Centre

Courtney Hall, 76a Cregagh Road, BT6 9EQ

Monday and Tuesday



Wednesday and Thursday

P1-P3 – 2pm to 4.15 pm

P6-P7 - 3pm to 4.30pm

P4-P5 – 3pm to 4.30pm

Pre-school Play Club – 12.15pm to 1.45pm

After Nursery/P1 Club – 2pm to 3.45pm
028 9045 3289

Ballysillan Play Centre

80 Ballysillan Park, BT14 8HD

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday P1-P3 – 2pm to 3.10pm
P4-P7 – 3.20pm to 4.30pm
028 9072 1941

Whiterock Play Centre

Whiterock Community Centre, Whiterock Close, BT12 7HR


P1-P7 – 2pm to 4.30pm

P1-P7 – 2pm to 4pm
079 7996 7648

Avoniel Play Centre

Avoniel Leisure Centre, Avoniel Road, BT5 4SF 

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

P1-P3 – 2pm to 3.15pm
P4-P7 – 3.15pm to 4.30pm

P1-P3 – 2pm to 3pm
P4-P7 – 3pm to 4pm
028 9045 8113

Afterschool Clubs

Afterschool club Day  Age and time Contact Details

Lagan Village Afterschool Club

Lagan Village Youth & Community Group, 15 Ballarat Street, BT6 8FW

Tuesday and Thursday P1-P3 - 2pm-3.10pm

P4-P7 - 3.20pm to 4.30pm
028 9072 1941

Lower Oldpark Afterschool Club

Lower Oldpark Community Association,
23 Avoca Street, BT14 6EN

Wednesday P1-P7 - 2.30pm to 4.30pm
028 9072 1941

Donegal Pass 

25 Apsley Street, BT7 1BL

Wednesday and Thursday  P1 - P3

2pm to 3pm

P4 - P7
3pmto 4.40pm

028 9072 1941 

Multicultural Projects

Play Project  Day  Age and time Contact Details 

Multicultural (Chinese) Afterschool Club

Chinese Welfare Association, 1 Stranmillis Embankment, BT7 1HP

Friday  P1 - P7 - 2.15pm to 4.30pm 028 9072 1941

Multicultural (Indian) Afterschool Club

Donegall Pass Community Centre, 25 Apsley Street, BT7 1BL

Friday P1-P7 – 2.30pm to 4.10pm
028 9072 1941

Travellers Under 5's Play Club

Traveller Portacabin, Glen Road, Belfast

Wednesday 3-4 years old – 10am to 12 noon
028 9072 1941

Come and Play

Come and Play sessions aim to encourage children to play outside in their local parks and open spaces. We support children to explore their own outdoor environment through self-directed play to help improve their emotional and physical well-being.

Play Project Day  Time Contact Details

Sliabh Dubh Come and Play

Sliabh Dubh, Springfield Road, BT12 7FP

Wednesday  P1-P7 - 2.30pm to 4.30pm

079 7996 7648
Clonduff Come and Play Wednesday P1-P7 - 2.30pm tp 4.30pm 028 9045 8113
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