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IT training

Email and internet for ECDL

  • Course duration

    One day: 9.30am to 4.30pm

  • Course description

    The email and internet course introduces Internet Explorer as a web browsing application and the Outlook package as an email and information management tool.

  • Prerequisites of course

    A basic understanding of Microsoft Windows or knowledge of creating folders and saving to specific folders.

  • Course agenda


    Exercise Details
    Exercise 1 Sending a message
    Opening a new message
    Entering some text
    Copying and pasting text between messages
    Exercise 2 Attaching Files
    Attaching documents
    Changing e-mail options
    Exercise 3  Using sub folders
    Creating sub folders
    Moving messages within folders
    Deleting sub folders
    Exercise 4 Replying to and Forwarding messages
    Adding message flags
    Exercise 5 Personal Distribution List
    Creating a personal distribution list
    Exercise 6  Using contacts
    Creating contacts
    Sorting and grouping contacts



    Exercise Details
    Internet PowerPoint Presentation
    What is the Internet?
    • History of the Internet
    • Who governs the Internet?
    • The Internet Service Provider
    • Explanation of naming conventions
    Exercise 1 Finding a specific address
    • The use of the address bar
    • Explanation of Search Engines
    Exercise 2 Google Search Engine
    • Finding information using the Google search engine
    • Refining initial results for more specified information
    Exercise 3  Finding Images using Google
    • Searching for Images using google
    • Refining results for specific information
    Exercise 4 Using the Advanced search options of Google
    • Using the advanced search feature to look for ‘exact words or phrases’
    Exercise 5 The Yahoo search engine
    • Searching using yahoo categories
    Exercise 6  The Favourites Folder
    • Creating folders within favourites
    • Adding web pages to favourites
    • Deleting web pages from favourites
    Exercise 7  Internet options
    • Deleting browsing history
    • Changing display options
    Exercise 8  Downloading
    • Downloading pictures, text and web pages
    Exercise 9  Completing and online form
    • Completing and submitting an online form
    Exercise 10  Printing a Web page
    • Changing print options and page setup
    Exercise 11  Internet terminology


  • Cost of course

    External attendees: £110 plus VAT per candidate.

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