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IT training

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

  • Course duration

    One day: 9.30am - 4.30pm

  • Course description

    The PowerPoint course has everything you need to create successful presentations - word processing, outlining, graphing, drawing and powerful presentation management tools all integrated in one easy-to-use product.


  • Prerequisites of course

    A basic understanding of Microsoft Windows.

  • Course agenda

    Exercise Details
    Exercise 1 Slide layout and clipart
    Exercise 2  Adding background colours and themes
    Exercise 3  Formatting bullets
    Exercise 4  Inserting and formatting shapes
    Exercise 5 

    Inserting a chart

    Exercise 6 

    Organisation charts

    Exercise 7 


    Exercise 8

    Inserting WordArt and pictures

    Exercise 9 

    Slide sorter and slide show views

    ​Exercise 10 

    Slide transitions

    Exercise 11 Custom animation
    Exercise 12 Slide master


  • Goals and objectives of course


    1. To introduce Microsoft PowerPoint as a presentation package.
    2. To develop and improve the user’s understanding of creating a presentation, and the various ways in which it can be modified.
    3. To improve the user’s knowledge of using drawing and text tools and make their use of this presentation package more efficient.


    After reading this manual you will be able to:

    1. Open existing presentations, and create new presentations
    2. Open PowerPoint and Switch between display modes as required
    3. Apply new slide layouts and reapply layouts to current slides
    4. Insert text boxes on a slide, and edit the text format
    5. Insert clipart graphics and pictures, move and resize them as required
    6. Apply and change the background colour or design template of one or all slides
    7. Insert or remove bullets within a specified list, and format bullet types
    8. Use task panes and smart tags to format slide content accordingly
    9. Add borders to text boxes or clipart images
    10. Insert shapes from the drawing toolbar and group the shapes with text boxes
    11. Insert and modify an organisation chart and a graph within a slide
    12. Use the WordArt package to insert and modify text within a slide
    13. Print slides using various views
    14. Apply custom animation effects to text boxes, clipart images and pictures within slides
    15. Add transition effects to slides
    16. Use the slide master view to insert a picture and slide numbers throughout a presentation
    17. Use Help functions and spell checker within PowerPoint
    18. Close PowerPoint.

    You will complete all of these using Microsoft PowerPoint.

  • Cost of course

    External attendees: £110 plus VAT per candidate.

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