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IT training

Microsoft Word 2016 (Intermediate)

  • Course duration

    One day: 9.30am - 4.30pm

  • Course description

    This course is designed for users who are proficient in the basic functionality of Microsoft Word. It is aimed at teaching the user improved ways of working in Word, introducing topics such as templates and mail merge.

  • Prerequisites of course

    Attendance at a basic Word course or knowledge of Word.

    Check Points:

    • Can you create simple tables?
    • Can you change appearance of text, font and alignment?
    • Can you apply borders and shading to a document?
  • Course agenda

    Exercise Details
    Exercise 1 Templates
    • Using templates
    Exercise 2  Charts
    • Inserting charts into a Word document and amending the data within these.
    Exercise 3  Styles and Format Painter tool
    • Applying character and paragraph styles
    • Using the Format Painter tool to copy formatting
    Exercise 4  Page numbering and table of contents
    • Inserting page numbers
    • Inserting page breaks
    • Creating and updating a table of contents
    Exercise 5 

    Headers and footers

    • Inserting and formatting headers and footers
    Exercise 6 

    Mail Merge

    • Carrying out a mail merge using an existing data source
    • Creating and modifying a data source
    Exercise 7 

    Spacing, hyphenation and user options

    • Applying spacing within and between paragraphs
    • Applying automatic hyphenation to a document
    • Customising user options such as default file location
    Exercise 8

    Working with drawing objects

    • Inserting drawing objects
    • Moving, ordering and resizing these
    Exercise 9 

    Working with clipart and pictures

    • Inserting clipart and pictures
    • Moving, copying and resizing these


  • Goals and objectives of course


    1. To introduce and develop the users understanding of some of the more complex features of Microsoft Word.
    2. To improve the users knowledge of the various tools provided within Word and, thus, improve the efficiency with which they produce large as well as small documents.


    After completing this course you will be able to:

    1. use templates within Word
    2. save a document as a different file type as specified
    3. insert and edit charts within a document
    4. apply styles to text in a document
    5. use the Format Painter tool
    6. insert page numbers
    7. insert page breaks
    8. create and update a table of contents
    9. insert and format headers and footers in a document
    10. perform mail merge with a main document
    11. format the spacing both within and between paragraphs
    12. apply automatic hyphenation to a document
    13. customising user preferences such as save version, default file location
    14. insert a clipart image, a picture from specified area and various drawing objects into a document, resizing these and moving them as required.

    You will complete all of these using Microsoft Word.

  • Cost of course

    External attendees: £110 plus VAT per candidate.

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