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Springfield Park bridge naming criteria

  • Springfield Park bridge naming criteria panel

    A panel has been set up to help choose a shortlist of potential names using the criteria below. The panel includes local councillors, members of the Shared City Partnership, funders, representatives from the local community and representatives from organisations who use the park.

  • Criteria if the name honours a person or animal

    If the name honours a person or animal, it must meet the following criteria:

    1. They must have made a “significant cultural, financial or positive contribution” to the local area and communities around Springfield Park, where the bridge and dam are located.
    2. They must have lived in the District Electoral Area of Springfield Park.
    3. If the person or animal is still alive, they must have made a significant contribution to the improvement or development of the area and the community surrounding Springfield Park.
    4. If the nominee is deceased, this must be for a minimum of five years and the appropriate relatives or friends should be contacted, asking for approval of the request before the name is put forward for consideration. If the relatives or friends do not approve, the naming process will not be pursued.
    5. Fictional characters may also be named but must be appropriate and relevant to the area and the community surrounding Springfield Park.
  • Criteria if a name relates to a specific unique location

    1. The name should provide a sense of place, reflecting the geographic location, community, neighbourhood or area where the bridge is located, or around the Springfield Park site.
    2. The name should reflect the historic or cultural significance of the local area or community, or reflect unique characteristics of the Springfield Park site, for example its fauna and flora.
  • General naming guidelines

    1. The name should support the values of the Forth Meadow Community Greenway project and the PEACE IV programme; helping to enable reconciliation and interaction between divided communities, regenerating local neighbourhoods, improving connectivity and encouraging communities to make use of Springfield Park site and other shared spaces along the greenway’s network.
    2. Names which memorialise or honour a person, animal, event or activity, and have a theme of religious, political or sectarian values or connotations, will not be considered.
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