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ParkLife Saturday Clubs

  • ParkLife Saturday clubs

    We’re running our ParkLife Saturday Clubs in these locations.

    ParkLife Saturday Clubs are open to children aged 7 to 12 years old, accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please email ParkLife team at to join the clubs.

  • Monthly themes

    October: Greet a Tree

    Come along and find out about the different trees in our parks, what they feel like and give them a personality by creating a muddy tree face.

    November: Journey Sticks and Painting with Nature

    Take a walk through the park and collect different items of nature to make a beautiful journey stick.

    We will also become artists by making natural paintbrushes and seeing what creative pictures we can make.

    December: Natural Festive Fun

    Brighten up your home with natural festive decorations. We will also keep warm around a camp fire and drink hot chocolate.

    January: Bird Feeding

    Help our little feathered friends survive the cold winter months by making yummy bird feeders with a special delicious ingredient that they love.

    February: Healthy Hedgehogs

    World Hedgehog Day is the 2 February. Find out all about hedgehogs this month and how we can help them as they start to leave hibernation.

    March: Birds and Butterflies

    Bees and butterflies are vital pollinators for our environment. Discover through crafts and games - how they help us and how we can help them. 

    April: Wild Babies      

    April is the month when many animals are born. Find out where they were born and what they look like as ‘babies’. Can you make a den that would be safe for an animal to be born in? 

    May: Fab Frogs

    Find out about frogs, their life cycle and how they survive predators. Make your own froggy craft to take home.

    June: Wild Sports Day

    Can you run faster than a green tiger beetle? Perhaps you can jump further than a grasshopper? Is your relay better than a peregrine falcon’s relay?  Let’s find out at the ParkLife Wild Sports Day! 

Our ParkLife Saturday clubs

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