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  • Cremation times

    Cremations are available at these times:

     Day  Time
     Monday to Friday   7.20am to 5.20pm 
     Saturday  7.20am to 2pm
    There are no cremations on Sundays

    For more information, you can call 028 9044 8342.

    Access to City of Belfast Crematorium

    For information on accessibility at the crematorium, go to City of Belfast Crematorium (link opens in new window).

  • Cremation application forms

    These forms may be needed when organising a cremation.

     Form Information
    Burial information form (PDF-152KB) Coffin, weights and measures documents to be submitted with the application for burial.
    Applicant's instructions to Crematorium form (PDF-828KB) This form must be signed by the person who completed Form A.
    Form A - Application for Cremation (PDF-29KB) The application should be made by an executor or nearest relative of the deceased. 
    Form B - Certificate of Medical Attendant (PDF- 516KB) To be completed along with the Pacemaker and Fixion form and must be accompanied by Form A.  Form B must be completed by a registered medical practitioner who has attended the deceased during their last illness, within 28 days before death, and seen and identified the body after death.
    Form C - Confirmatory Medical Certificate (PDF - 509KB) Form C must be completed by a registered medical practitioner of not less than five years standing who should be independent of the Form B doctor and not have been involved in the patient's care.
    Pacemaker and Fixion form (PDF - 498KB) The Pacemaker and Fixion form must be signed by the medical practitioner who completed Form B.
    Form H - Application for Cremation of a Stillborn Child (PDF - 29KB) Form H application should be made by a parent of the child.
    Form I - Certificate of Registered Medical Attendant or of Certified Midwife, if No Doctor Was Present at Stillbirth or Has Examined the Body (PDF - 512KB) Form I can be completed by either a medical practitioner or registered midwife who was present at stillbirth, or who examined the body of the child.
    Non-viable infant form (PDF - 287KB) To be completed by a doctor or midwife in respect of NVF from 10 to 24 weeks gestation.
    You must also register a death or stillbirth.

    Cremation forms must be uploaded by Funeral Directors to the Plotbox Portal within the correct timeframe.

    Medical practitioners should check that all questions have been answered and provide all contact details, including postcode, clearly on the forms. 

    For queries on these forms, email, call 028 9027 0296 or contact:

    Bereavement Services
    Ground Floor, Cecil Ward Building 
    4-10 Linenhall Street 
    BT2 8PB

  • Timeframe for submission of forms

    All cremation forms must be submitted two working days before the cremation date.

    Day of cremation Forms to be delivered
    Monday to Thursday Before 12 noon
    Friday and Saturday Before 11am

    If you have any queries regarding the forms, call our Bereavement Services Office on 028 9027 0296.

  • Cremation fees

    Cremation fees include VAT where applicable. Fees are valid from 1 April 2024 until 31 March 2025.

    Our cremation fees include the medical referee’s fee and disposal of cremated remains packed for collection or scattered in the Garden of Remembrance. Fees include a cremation certificate for cremated remains that are to be collected. If you request a duplicate or additional cremation certificate, a charge will be applied.

    Price list for cremations

    Type Belfast
    Stillborn child or child aged one or under No charge No charge
    Child (aged 17 or under) No charge No charge
    Adult (aged 18 or above) £421 £688
    Hospital cremations £224 £224
    Retained organs (adult aged 18 or above) £116 £224
    Retained organs (child aged 17 or under) No charge No charge
    Saturday and public and council holiday levy (adult aged 18 or above) £197 £197
    Saturday and public and council holiday levy (child aged 17 or under) No charge No charge 
    Duplicate or additional cremation certificate or copy documentation requested £20


    Cremated remains

    Type  Belfast residents  Non-Belfast residents  Belfast resident aged 17 or under 
    Fee for removal and re-burial (including casket) £190 £376 No charge
    Fee for removal (including casket)  £179 £353

    No charge

    Interment of cremated remains at a memorial tree  £89 £179

    No charge

    Saturday and public holiday levy for a burial of cremated remains at a memorial tree  £99 £99

    No charge

    You can check our fees page or call 028 9027 0296 for more information.

  • Collecting cremated remains from City of Belfast Crematorium

    To collect cremated remains, you must be the applicant on the Cremation Disposal form. Our staff will ask you for photographic ID before you can remove cremated remains.

    You can collect cremated remains from the Crematorium office from 2pm on the next working day after the cremation service. 

    The Crematorium office is open:

    • Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm
    • Saturday from 8.30am to 2pm
  • Policy statement for infant cremation

    We are committed to caring sensitively and respectfully for all of those entrusted to us. Our policies and processes for infant cremation are aligned to the latest guidance on infant cremation.

    Infant Cremation Commission (June 2014 Scotland)

    In line with the commission's recommendations, we consider cremated remains and ashes to be the same thing. We support the commission’s definition that ashes are “all that is left in the cremator at the end of the cremation process, and following the removal of any metal.”

    Read our policy statement for Infant cremation.

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