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  • Coronavirus update

    Updated on Monday 4 October 2021

    Burials and cremations are taking place but restrictions are in place. The Crematorium Chapel is open to allow short committal services.

    Strict traffic control measures are in place at Roselawn to prevent funerals converging and to maintain traffic and pedestrian separation. We have stencilling and signage in place to remind visitors and mourners that they should maintain social distancing. 

    We continue to work with funeral directors, undertakers and faith groups to make sure bereaved families are aware of these measures and are given support at this difficult time. We understand that families may want to make alternative arrangements to hold a service or ceremony elsewhere.

    We would like to express our sincere sympathy to all those who are bereaved in these very difficult circumstances.

    Committal services in the Crematorium Chapel

    The City of Belfast Crematorium Chapel is open to allow 15-minute committal services for 28 mourners. This number includes children. The risk assessment only allows short committal services. We would encourage families to hold longer funeral services at other appropriate venues. 

    This limit of 28 mourners means that people can be safely accommodated in our chapel with controls that reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission including appropriate social distancing measures and robust cleaning between services. Face coverings must be worn.

    Advice if you're attending a cremation

    • When you arrive at the crematorium, you should wait outside until it is time for the service to start. Please maintain social distancing before, during and after the service.
    • Our crematorium staff will open and close the Chapel doors to reduce the number of people touching the handles.
    • There is a hand-sanitising station immediately outside the Chapel which you should use before entering the Chapel.
    • Toilets are open for Funeral Directors and those attending the Chapel committal services.
    • You must not attend a committal service if you have tested positive for COVID-19 or if you have symptoms of COVID-19.
    • You can find guidance about attending a cremation for the clinically vulnerable, people who have returned from abroad and those who are self-isolating at nidirect (link opens in new window)
    • We have removed Communal Service and Hymn books to reduce the possible transmission of COVID-19. The Funeral Director can supply service sheets or orders of service, if needed. You should take your service sheet with you at the end of the service.
    • Reflections Coffee Shop is closed.
    • The Crematorium administration office is closed.The Book of Remembrance Room is closed. You can view an online version of the Book of Remembrance (link opens in new window).

    We will continue to make decisions based on guidance and updates from Government and Department of Health.

    Arrangements for collecting cremated remains from Roselawn Cemetery

    The Funeral Director can collect cremated remains. Or, families may collect remains by appointment. Families will need to make an appointment by calling the Crematorium Office on 028 9044 8342. Only the person named on the applicant’s instructions to crematorium form can collect cremated remains. They will need to provide photographic ID.

    Please call 028 9044 8342 to arrange an appointment.

    When you come to collect:

    • please go to the external entrance door at the Floral Hall and call 028 9044 8342. A member of staff will bring the cremated remains to you.
    • stay by the entrance door and maintain social distancing of two metres while the door is open.  ID can be viewed through the glass.
    • you won't need to sign anything. Our crematorium staff will record the name and date on the register.

    We have resumed the burial or scattering of cremated remains across all sites.

  • Cremations

    Cremations are available at these times:

     Day  Time
     Monday to Friday   7.20am - 5.20pm 
     Saturday  7.20am - 2pm
    There are no cremations on Sundays
  • Cremation application forms

    These forms may be required in the event of organising a cremation.

     Form Information
    Burial and Cremation information form This form can be faxed to the Bereavement Services office in advance. The original should then be hand delivered with all other relevant cremation forms to the Bereavement Services office.
    Form A - Application for Cremation (PDF - 1.1MB) The application should be made by an executor or nearest relative of the deceased. 
    Applicants instructions to Crematorium form (PDF - 179KB) This form must be signed by the person who completed Form A.
    Form B, C and F - Certificate of Medical Attendant, Confirmatory Medical Certificate and Authority to Cremate (PDF - 1.7MB)

    Please staple Form B, C and F together prior to submission.
    To be completed along with the Pacemakers/Fixion form and must be accompanied by Form A. 
    Form B must be completed by a registered medical practitioner who has attended the deceased during their last illness, within 28 days before death, and seen and identified the body after death.
    Form C must be completed by a registered medical practitioner of not less than five years standing who should be independent of the Form B doctor and not have been involved in the patients care.
    Form F is signed by the Medical Referee on our behalf when they are satisfied that all forms have been completed correctly.
    Pacemaker/Fixion form (PDF - 1.5MB) Pacemaker/Fixion form must be signed by the medical practitioner who completed Form B.
    Form H, I and F - Still born child (PDF - 1.7MB)

    Please staple Form H, I and F together prior to submission.
    Form H application should be made by a parent of the child.
    Form I can be completed by either a medical practitioner or registered midwife who was present at stillbirth, or who examined the body of the child.
    Form F is signed by the Medical Referee on our behalf when they are satisfied that all forms have been completed correctly.
    You must also register a death or stillbirth.

    All original forms must be fully completed and hand delivered to the Bereavement Services office. Email copies will not be accepted.

    Medical practitioners should check that all questions have been answered and provide all contact details, including postcode, clearly on the forms. 

    You can request hard copies of these forms by emailing, calling 028 9027 0296 or by contacting:

    Bereavement Services,
    Ground Floor, Cecil Ward Building, 
    4-10 Linenhall Street, 
    BT2 8PB

  • Timeframe of submission of forms

    The latest timeframe for submission of cremation forms is as follows:

     Day of cremation    Forms to be delivered by 
     Monday  11am on the previous Saturday 
     Tuesday to Friday   12 noon on the day before
     Saturday  11am on Friday 
    • All forms should be delivered to the Bereavement Services Office

    If you have any queries regarding the forms please contact the Bereavement Services Office.

  • Policy Statement for Infant Cremation

    We are committed to caring sensitively and respectfully for all of those entrusted to us. Our policies and processes for infant cremation are aligned to the latest guidance on infant cremation. Recommendations Lord Bonomy’s Infant Cremation Commission (June 2014 Scotland). 

    In line with Lord Bonomy’s recommendations we consider cremated remains and ashes to be the same thing and we support the commission’s definition that ashes are “all that is left in the cremator at the end of the cremation process, and following the removal of any metal.”

  • Types of service

    The City of Belfast Crematorium has its own non-denominational church, which means that the church is open to any faith. We can cater for:

    Religious services - you can arrange for a minister to take the service. 
    Sometimes, families choose to have a service in their own church before coming to the crematorium. In these cases, their minister will usually conduct a short committal service at the crematorium. You can also use the facility for a full service, which includes a sermon, prayers, a reading and one or two hymns.

    Non-religious services - some families choose to organise their own service and deliver it themselves or through a family member or friend. This gives the speaker time to liaise with the family and gather information about the deceased.

    Ethnic minority services - we cater for all beliefs, religions and cultures and can facilitate cremations for those from the Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and Chinese communities.

    Standard cremation services are currently arranged at 30 minute intervals. The allotted time of 30 minutes provides for an actual service of approximately 20 minutes, allowing five minutes for the family to enter the Chapel before the service and five minutes to leave the Chapel after the service.

  • Hire of the church

    You can hire the funeral church to hold a memorial service, or to carry out a burial in Roselawn Cemetery. All services must be booked and a fee is payable.

  • Music and readings

    You can bring your own music in CD format and we also provide an organ. The use of the organ must be booked and is free of charge.

  • Cremation fees

    Cremation fees include VAT where applicable and are valid from 1 April 2021 until 31 March 2022.

    Our cremation fees include the disposal of cremated remains packed for collection or scattered or buried in the Garden of Remembrance. They also include a cremation certificate. If the deceased is a life member of the Cremation Society of Great Britain or the Cremation Assurance Friendly Society, the fee will be recovered from the society. 

    Price list for cremations

    Type Belfast
    Stillborn child or child aged one or under No charge No charge
    Child (aged 17 or under) No charge No charge
    Adult (aged 18 or above) £392 £642
    Hospital cremations £108 £209
    Saturday and public and council holiday levy (adult aged 18 or above) £183 £183
    Saturday and public and council holiday levy (child aged 17 or under) No charge No charge 
    Duplicate/additional cremation certificate or copy documentation requested £17


    Cremated remains

    Type  Belfast residents  Non-Belfast residents  Belfast resident aged 17 or under 
    Fee for removal and re-burial (including casket) £177 £350 £0
    Fee for removal (including casket)  £167 £329 £0
    Interment of cremated remains at a memorial tree  £83 £167 £0
    Saturday and public holiday levy for a burial of cremated remains at a memorial tree  £92 £92 £0

    You can check our fees page or call 028 9027 0296 for more information.

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