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Belfast 2024

  • Belfast 2024 creative programme

    ""Belfast 2024 is an ambitious cultural celebration for our city. It will present a wide-ranging programme of creative local projects, events and city initiatives in 2024 - made by the people of Belfast for the people of Belfast. 

  • Background to Belfast 2024

    Belfast 2024 emerged from the large-scale engagement process that formed part of Belfast’s bid for European City of Culture in 2018. It’s also a key aim of our cultural strategy, A City Imagining 2020-2030.

    We had planned to host this home-grown year of culture in 2023. But we were held back by the pandemic and turned our ambitions to 2024. We believe that culture will be a core part of Belfast’s recovery and that investing in our creative sector is essential - not just delivering on the ambition for Belfast 2024, but to help us build back better and become more sustainable. 

    As well as our cultural strategy, the ambitions of 2024 deliver on the aims of our tourism plan, the Belfast Agenda, A Bolder Vision for Belfast and the Belfast City Centre Regeneration and Investment Strategy. It will also deliver on ambitions of the Resilience strategy and partnership development with the Belfast Stories (link opens in new window) project.

  • Creating new connections for Belfast

    Belfast 2024 will support activities that create new connections. It aims to bring people together to think, explore and create in new ways. It will be made up of local and international commissions and partnerships. The programme has a focus on cross-sector working and making good use of public space.

  • What we hope Belfast 2024 will achieve

    Belfast 2024 is founded in our belief and commitment that culture, sustainability, collaboration, partnership and people should be at the heart of the city’s decision-making and development.

    By focusing on these areas together, we aim to:

    • help make Belfast a more accessible, attractive and exciting place to live and work
    • address city dereliction by increasing creative and cultural vibrancy and civic pride
    • recognise the climate crisis, develop awareness and help change cultural behaviours
    • re-activate Belfast’s tourism sector and develop our cultural tourism offer
    • deliver a distinct portfolio of city events connected to citizens and attracting international visitors, promoting Belfast as a world-class cultural destination.
  • Other opportunities to get involved in Belfast 2024

    Our first open call closed on 8 March 2023. We will expand later calls and opportunities to people and organisations across Belfast as our programme develops.

    To arrange a meeting with Belfast 2024 programme staff, email

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