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We have been planning this creative celebration for Belfast for some time and we are excited to see our plans come to life in 2024. With Belfast 2024 we want to ignite a new chapter for our city – a time when we look forward, dream, imagine and invent what our future city could be. A city that embraces creativity and nature, a city that where we are better connected with each other and with the world around us.

Delivering on our programme of cultural celebration in 2024 will bring about transformational change for Belfast and will facilitate the city to build its creative capacity to better understand our identity, our relationships with each other and our place in the world.

This programme has been created by and for the people of Belfast through collaboration and co-creation – the residents and workers of the city, the artists and creatives of the city, the cultural and non-cultural organisations of the city.

Who we are

Our programme delivery team work within the Culture & Tourism Unit in Belfast City Council. We are a collective of creatives, producers and project managers with experience across cultural and creative development and delivery.

We’ve been building Belfast 2024 in collaboration with the creative sector, city stakeholders and the city’s people and we are excited to see it all come to life over the next year.

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