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Artists in Neighbourhoods

  • By: Household - Project Partnership with British Council
  • Location: Various across the city
  • When: Programme showcase end of October
  • Creative Citizen Profile: Community Connector

6 international artists taking on Belfast to create 5 inspiring works of art, celebrating our place and drawing inspiration from the people of Belfast.

Brought to you by Household in partnership with British Council.

This creative and exciting work from the artists will be available to enjoy at the end of October with a programme of new public installations and events led by the artists titled Red Sky at Night.

Household is a jointly led art organisation that supports the production of high-quality art that connects people and place. For Artists in Neighbourhoods 2024, Household have been continuing their research into best-practice ways to support the production of new art in public space

The Household team have hosted residencies for six internationally based artists, helping them to get under the skin of our city and develop proposals for five new temporary artworks. The artists, Zuza Golińska (Poland), Kanich Khajonsri (Thailand), Kasper Lecnim & Irmina Rusicka (Poland), Dina Mimi (Palestine), and Leandros Ntolas (Greece), have responded to and explored the city from their own wide range of art forms and perspectives. They have spoken to people of all ages and backgrounds, visited lots of sites, and heard many and various stories of and about Belfast.

About the artists

Zuza Golińska (Poland) is a multidisciplinary artist who explores the impact of architecture and public space on the human individual. Her art reflects on how human physical and mental wellbeing is influenced by the psychology of space in a time of civilisational acceleration and late capitalism.

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Kanich Khajohnsri (Thailand) uses photography and installation to think about demarcations, and the ownership of space. This includes engaging with the theoretical scape and non-physical knowledge transfer, such as storytelling, rumours, folklore, and other forms of oral history, to capture the specific and multiple dimensions of a place.

Kasper Lecnim (Poland) is a visual artist and graduate of the E. Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. He uses a variety of media and as part of his artistic practice has produced scarfs, organised house removals, cleared snow, crashed cars and challenged the directors of cultural institutions to duels. He likes mistakes and small provocations. He works individually and as a duo with Irmina Rusicka.

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Irmina Rusicka (Poland) is a visual artist who, as part of her artistic practice, has crashed cars, repaired motorcycles, made an acrobatic star at the Mausoleum of Soviet Soldiers, and collected money to make a hole in an art institution building. Her works combine social and political criticism with an existential dimension. She works individually and as a duo with Kasper Lecnim.

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Dina Mimi (Palestine) is a visual artist and filmmaker who works and lives between Jerusalem and Amsterdam. Her practice is multifaceted and uses video, sound, performance, and text to explore grief and as a fugitive body ask questions such as: how does grief sound? How do we search for fictional fractions within historical accounts? What happens to the body before the vanishing point? Dina’s work consists of extended research into death and memory, especially within historical events of the colonial past.

Leandros Ntolas (Greece) is an artist currently based in the Hague, the Netherlands. His multi-disciplinary practice combines a phenomenological and experimental approach with research into diverse fields ranging from the study of light, optics and perception, to philosophy, architecture, history of religion, and metaphysics. Aside from his studio practice, Ntolas has been active in the field of art in public space.

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