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Bank of Ideas - West Belfast

  • By: Belfast City Council
  • Location: West Belfast
  • When: On-going
  • Creative Me Profile: Community Connector

The Bank of Ideas is a new initiative by Belfast 2024 that enables the people of Belfast to propose and collectively decide on creative projects for our city.

93 ideas were presented to the public at our Voting Day in City Hall, at a buzzing market stall of creative ideas!

Every idea was fantastic and gained new supporters across the city.

After a grand total of 2,253 votes across the city, here are the ideas that received the most votes and the funding for West Belfast with a total pot of £10,000:

Meadow Ladies of Bog Meadows

The Meadow Heart Project

July – August 2024

Creation of a large heart-shaped public art mosaic in Bog Meadows’ new community Wilding Garden, with 15 small pieces to represent the elements of the nature reserve the ladies love most.

Spectrum Centre

Ausume Rascal's Art Explosion

August – October 2024

Art club for kids with an autism spectrum diagnosis to work with an artist to create colourful dinosaurs to be displayed in Shankill road shop windows and public spaces.

Suicide Awareness and Support Group

Chill with Gill Café for Support for people with Anxiety


A weekly support group for people with anxiety run by a yoga teacher, with chats, deep relaxation, breathing techniques, and advice.

Conway Ed Centre

Threads of Empowerment: Transforming Lives through Sustainable Fashion

August – September 2024

Sustainable fashion for refugee and asylum-seeking children, with a charity shop trip, upcycling training and guidance from a fashion designer and a professional photoshoot to showcase outfits they created.

Antoinette Campbell

Wonder Bubble Magic

June – October 2024

Experiential and immersive workshops in hostels and with assisted living residents, culminating in a wonder bubble magic show.


Ark Housing

Big Belfast Halal - o - ween party

October 2024


Inclusive celebration that reimagines Halloween making it more welcoming for Muslim families by blending cultural traditions, music, entertainment, to create connections and showcase creativity and diversity.

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