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Eco Arcade

  • By: Robin Price
  • Location: The MAC & Ulster Museum (outdoors)
  • When: November
  • Creative Me Profile: Nature Lover, City Explorer.

Artist Robin Price is teaming up with young minds and local ecologists to create an interactive experience that merges gaming, technology, and environmental consciousness.  

This ambitious venture aims to transform the outside of Belfast's prominent cultural spaces, the MAC and Ulster Museum, into platforms for public engagement and play through co-designed laser arcade games.

In Summer of '24, Robin in collaboration with Farset Labs Coder-Dojo and the National Trust, will embark on an exciting two month summer school for young people. The artists, ecologists and coder-dojo facilitators will investigate and select local endangered species to introduce to the young people over a series of outdoor guided nature walks and site visits.  The group will then code together their own fun and interactive eco-themed games, exploring how arcade game mechanics can playfully convey the story of our city’s wildlife. 

As the seasons shift to autumn, the games created during the summer will undergo a transformation. Robin will adapt them into large-scale interactive laser projections, illuminating the sides of the MAC and Ulster Museum during the dark winter evenings of '24.  The arcade games will become fully playable by the general public so everyone can have a go!

As the laser games light up Belfast’s cultural spaces this winter, they will create not just a visual spectacle but a platform for young people’s imaginative storytelling and environmental advocacy through gaming.


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