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Midsummer at the Lyric

  • By: Lyric Theatre
  • Location: Lyric Theatre
  • When: 5-7 July 2024
  • Creative Me Profile: City Explorer

Experience our city in a new and exciting way with a festival on the banks of the River Lagan, brought to you by The Lyric Theatre.

In the heart of Belfast, the Lyric Theatre is set to illuminate the banks of the River Lagan with an extraordinary festival in July 2024—Midsummer At The Lyric. This collaborative spectacle will transform the area between the King’s Bridge and the Governor’s Bridge into a vibrant playground, inviting the community and audiences to engage with one of Belfast's most beautiful yet hidden landscapes.

The festival's centrepiece will be an adaptation of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, with partner organisations and artists creating works in response to this timeless classic. Collaborators include Kids in Control, Chinese Welfare Association, ArtsEkta, 5th Element and Beyond Skin. Each playing a pivotal role in co-designing and co-creating specific sections of the event, contributing to the overall spectacular experience.

Midsummer At The Lyric is not just a festival; it's a celebration of unity, creativity, and community spirit—a testament to Belfast's commitment to cultural vibrancy and inclusivity. As the festival unfolds along the picturesque River Lagan, it promises to be a transformative experience that echoes far beyond its immediate celebration.

Spearheaded by the team at the Lyric in a collaborative effort with a diverse array of local partner organisations, uniting artists from various disciplines and cultures, Midsummer At The Lyric is designed to be an inclusive event, ensuring that people of all backgrounds can come together and revel in the magic of the arts.

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