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Safari In the City

  • By: Wild Belfast
  • Location: City-wide
  • When: Year round
  • Creative Me Profile: Nature Lover, Mover & Maker.

Come along to Safari in the City and explore the urban jungle right on your doorstep!

Amongst the concrete and skyscrapers of Belfast, lies a vibrant ecosystem, where our city supports thriving habitats with a diverse array of wildlife. Belfast, with its rich mosaic of green, blue, brown, and even grey spaces, stands as a testament to the coexistence of humanity and nature. 

Safari in the City celebrates Belfast's biodiversity. Within this metropolis, several highly endangered species including swifts, hedgehogs, terns, ground beetles, solitary bees, and black guillemots are nurtured amongst the city's diverse landscapes and terrains.

This year long programme of events, nature walks and art installations will unveil the joy and wonder of wildlife in our city.  Citizens and communities will gain the ability to safeguard wildlife-rich spaces, learn about urban planning and how to shield the city, its wildlife and its people from the challenges posed by climate change. With a mix of artists and nature lovers participating, several of the art installations designed from this programme will not only conserve wildlife and enhance their habitats but also to vividly bring these species to life through creativity.

Safari in the City will dance with the seasons, celebrating the shifts in our biosphere through a hands-on, learning-by-doing approach. From understanding ecological shifts in species patterns and behaviour to living mural installations that capture the essence of changing seasons and the wildlife dependent on them. Safari in the City will foster a city-wide connection to the natural world.

Follow the programme and join in!

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This project is supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund, thanks to National Lottery players and is part of Our Future Heritage portfolio of projects which help us all enjoy and understand Belfast's heritage.

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