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The Wiggle Room

  • By: Boom Clap Play
  • Location: City Centre
  • When: September 2024
  • Creative Me Profile: City Explorer

Step into The Wiggle Room - a new immersive experience made by Belfast’s explorers of all ages!

Set to launch in the heart of Belfast in September 2024, The Wiggle Room is not just for Belfast's children but by them! It's an exploration of kinetic energy, interactive technology, and, most importantly, the unbridled joy of childhood. A venture that champions movement, curiosity, and play. The Wiggle Room is a transformative fusion of physical and digital realms.

From small hand gestures to a giant leap, every motion will spark visual and auditory reactions in real-time. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and sensor inputs, The Wiggle Room harnesses the playful energy and limitless imagination of its energetic participants.

Led by Boom Clap Play, in collaboration with Big Motive, a leading User Design agency, and Play Board NI, a staunch advocate for the importance of play, we’ve embarked on a journey of active co-design with our youthful audience through a series of workshops where children's ideas form the foundation of the design, participation is the driving force!

Children, under the guidance of these seasoned partners, will play a pivotal role in shaping the project's aesthetics, function, and mechanics.

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