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Burial records

Help with burial records

  • How to search for a burial record

    To use the search facility, you need a surname, or part of a surname. You can narrow your results by providing a forename(s), initial or year of death or burial. If you aren't sure of the exact year of death or burial, enter the first three digits of the decade, for example, 198 - to display records only from the 1980s.

    Click 'Search' to locate any matching records, and then use the 'Next' or 'Previous' buttons to browse through your results. To see further information about a record, click 'View details'. To see who else is buried in a grave, click on the grave section and number, for example, Q2 304. 

  • Buy an image of a burial record

    You can buy the image of burial records that are 75 years old or older for £1.50 each. You need to turn off your pop-up blocker when using our site to buy the image.

    If you want to purchase an image of a burial record, click on the 'Add to basket' button next to the entry or from within the record details.

    To complete the transaction or review the items in your basket, click on the 'Shopping basket' button. After you have reviewed the items in your basket, you can proceed with your transaction by clicking on the 'Checkout'.

    After you buy an image of a burial record, you will be prompted to download it individually or as a zip file. You will also receive a confirmation email with links to the burial record image. Your image will be available to download for one week.


    We don't issue refunds for images of burial records, even those records which may not be legible or suitable due to their age. Make sure that you check the record details before you buy the image. View our terms and conditions for online services.

  • Technical issues


    You need to have Javascript enabled to carry out a search of our records. The BBC website explains how to do this in popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.


    The search facility is designed to work with the following browsers:

    • Internet Explorer 7 and above (Vista)
    • Internet Explorer 7 and above (Windows XP Service pack 2)
    • Opera 9.5 and above
    • Firefox 3 and above
    • Google Chrome
    • Apple Safari

    Security settings

    Check the following settings are activated on your computer:

    • Internet Explorer - select Tools > Internet Options > Advanced. Under the Security list, ensure that the use SSL 3.0 and use TLS 1.0/1/2 are all selected
    • Firefox - select Tools > Options > Advanced. Under the Encryption tab, and in the Protocols section, ensure that the use SSL 3.0 and use TSL 1.0 are both selected.
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