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Burial records

Search for a burial record

  • Available burial records

    Look up records in Belfast from 1869 onwards using our burial record search facility. You can buy images of burial records that are over 75 years old for £1.50 each.

    Around 360,000 records are available from:

    • Belfast City Cemetery - records from 1869 (including the Jewish, public and Glenalina extension sections)
    • Roselawn Cemetery - records from 1954
    • Dundonald Cemetery - records from 1905
  • Search for burial records in Belfast

    To use the search facility you need a surname, or part of a surname. You can narrow your results by providing a forename(s), initial or year of death or burial. If you aren't sure of the exact year of death or burial, enter the first digits of the decade, for example, 198 - to display records only from the 1980s.

    Search for burial records

    Use the search facility to view, where available, the following information about the deceased:

    • full name
    • age
    • last place of residence
    • sex
    • date of birth
    • date of burial
    • cemetery they are interred in
    • grave section and number - you can view who else is buried in a particular grave by clicking on the grave number in your search results
    • type of burial, for example, standard earth burial or cremation.
  • Other cemeteries in Belfast

    The search facility does not include burial records for these cemeteries:

    • Balmoral Cemetery
    • Clifton Street Graveyard
    • Friar's Bush Graveyard
    • Knock Burial Ground
    • Shankill Graveyard

    If you are interested in burial records for these graveyards, call our Cemeteries and Crematorium Central Office on 028 9027 0296 or email

    We do not look after, or hold records for, Milltown Cemetery or Knockbreda Cemetery. Call Milltown Cemetery on 028 9061 3972 or Knockbreda Cemetery on 028 9049 4500

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