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Anti-litter campaigns

We have launched the next phase of our anti-litter campaign with the strong message:

  • Your laziness costs. £80 on the spot fine. Litter - just bin it!
  • Your selfishness costs. £80 on the spot fine. Litter - just bin it! 

People are being urged to think about how ‘lazy’ or ‘selfish’ littering and not using the bins will cost them in the long run - with on the spot fines. 

Our anti-litter ads will be displayed throughout the city on ad shells and buses and there will be radio advertising too. 

Listen to our anti-litter campaign radio adverts:

When you drop litter, you could be throwing away your money with an £80 on the spot fine if you're caught. 

We have three Litter Wardens and 10 Enforcement Officers operating in Belfast, and in the last year we've fined over 2,500 individuals for littering. 

We run other anti-litter campaigns alongside our school and community outreach programme. These include: 

Have you met our anti-litter gang?

We have a whole gang of anti-litter buddies. If you see our friendly Litter Pig, Steve the Sweeper or Scoop Dog out and about, having fun spreading the anti-litter message, you can get involved too.

You may also see our Singing Street Sweepers in the city centre or at events throughout the year. 

Why not get your photo taken with them and help spread the anti-litter message by sharing the pictures with your friends?

You can also email us your pictures.

No smoke without litter 

Are you a business that has a cigarette litter problem outside your premises?

We can issue legal notices and fines to businesses who don't deal with the litter created by their business. We can also prosecute businesses who do not comply with the legal notices or fines we issue.

To help your business deal with cigarette litter, we've produced a free 'No smoke without litter' pack. 

The pack includes:

  • pocket ashtrays for staff and customers
  • a brush to sweep up cigarette butts
  • anti-litter posters.

Businesses who sign-up to this initiative can buy wall mounted cigarette bins at a reduced rate from Belfast City Centre Management. 

Simply call us on 028 9032 0202 extension 5239 or email us to sign up and we’ll send you everything you need.

Request a free pocket ashtray or gum wrap

Removing chewing gum from our streets is a long and expensive process.  You can help by putting your gum in a bin or using one of our free gum pouches until you find a bin. 

Discarded cigarette butts are also a common problem. Put your extinguished cigarette butt in a bin or use one of our free pocket ashtrays until you find a bin. 

Remember you can be fined £80 for dropping litter. 

Free pocket ashtrays and gum wraps are available to residents in the Belfast area. To claim your free pocket ashtray or gum wrap you can call into our office:

Cleansing Services
Belfast City Council
Cecil Ward Building
4-10 Linenhall Street

Or we can post one to you, call us on 028 9027 0230 or email with your postal address.

Contact us
Street cleansing
028 9027 0230
Cleansing Services
3rd Floor North
Cecil Ward Building
4-10 Linenhall Street