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Community safety

Policing and Community Safety Partnership projects in Belfast

  • PCSP projects

    The Police and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) funds different projects in Belfast to help improve home security, protect personal safety and prevent crime. There are community safety and local policing projects for people living in north, south, east and west Belfast. To contact the PCSP about current projects in Belfast, email

  • Home Security Project

    This project helps people over 60 years old who have experienced a burglary in the home. The project installs home security equipment.

  • Domestic and Sexual Violence and Abuse Programme

    The programme provides information and services that address domestic and sexual violence and abuse in Belfast. The programme promotes the Domestic and Sexual Abuse helpline 0808 802 1414 and email

  • Hate crime and fear of hate crime

    The project works with Good Relations, the Regional Hate Crime Delivery Group, Belfast Citywide Hate Crime Group and other hate crime-centred networks providing information and services to address hate crime and fear of hate crime in Belfast.

  • City centre

    The project provides information and services that will improve policing and community safety in Belfast city centre.

  • Supporting adults with complex lives

    The project enables effective partnership working and co-operation to support families to address hidden harm, drug and alcohol issues, suicide prevention and emotional wellbeing issues.

  • Drug and alcohol support

    The project provides therapeutic and social support for people at risk of offending and re-offending due to drug and alcohol misuse.

  • Street Injecting Support Service (SISS)

    The project targets the impact of discarded injecting equipment within Belfast; provides a proactive and flexible response to need and provides a highly visible reassurance to the public and city centre businesses.

  • Safer at Home Project

    PSNI, NIFRS and Belfast Trust provide innovative inputs and practical steps for staff and volunteers to help adults who are at risk of harm.

  • Feet on the Street

    The project involves on-street youth work to safeguard vulnerable young people and provide reassurance for local residents.

  • Teenage Road Safety Project

    The project provides workshops with PSNI and NIFRS for new and learner drivers. Using virtual experiences of accidents caused by dangerous driving, inattention and driving under the influence, the project emphasises the importance of safe driving and increases drivers’ awareness of road safety.

  • Cyber safety projects

    The projects offer age-appropriate workshops to help people stay safe online. 

  • Talking about sexual consent

    The workshops empower young people to talk about sexual consent and to be confident in different situations.

  • Confidence in policing

    Support Neighbourhood Policing teams talk to communities about Belfast PSNI - what they do and why they do it. The PCSP’s Policing Committee raises local policing issues with the District Commander and builds the public’s co-operation with the police.

  • Neighbourhood Watch

    Neighbourhood Watch helps you protect yourself, your property and reduce the fear of crime in your community by linking directly with police. To join or set up a neighbourhood watch scheme in your area, go to Neighbourhood Watch (link opens in new window).

  • Local policing and community safety projects

    The four District Policing and Community Safety Partnerships fund different projects in north, south, east and west Belfast. They work to provide local solutions to local policing and community safety problems.

  • North Belfast

    These projects are running in north Belfast.

    Schools and Youth Club Anti-social Behaviour Project

    The workshops consider anti-social behaviour, group dynamics, youth violence and consequences of bad behaviours.

    North Belfast Interface Project

    The project provides information, capacity-building and services that will improve policing and community safety at interfaces.

    North anti-social behaviour reactive projects

    Engaging with local community to fund small projects to improve community safety.

    North Road Safety Project

    The project provides road safety signage at schools in consultation with the PSNI.

  • South Belfast

    This project is available in south Belfast.

    Wider University and Lower Ormeau intervention project

    The project enables effective partnership working and co-operation to help the wider University and Lower Ormeau area to be welcoming, safe, fair and inclusive to everyone.

  • West Belfast

    These projects are running in west Belfast.

    West Community Safety Initiative

    The project builds the confidence of local residents to actively participate in the criminal justice system and uses a case file approach with partners to resolve community safety issues in west Belfast.

    West Network Support Project

    This project supports community safety forums in Upper Springfield, Upper Falls, Greater Falls and Colin to improve policing and community safety and supports a joined-up approach on issues affecting all forums.

  • East Belfast

    East Belfast District PCSP funds small reactive projects to enhance policing and community safety in response to local needs identified through engagement with communities. This project is also available through  the district PCSPs for north Belfast and south Belfast.

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