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Community safety

Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP)

  • Policing and community safety partnerships in Belfast

    Policing and Community Safety Partnerships (PCSPs) work to make communities safer, making sure that the voices of local people are heard. In Belfast we have an overarching Policing and Community Safety Partnership and four District Policing and Community Safety Partnerships (North, South, East and West).

    Each partnership is made up of elected and independent members and representatives from the statutory organisations.

    For minutes of PCSP and District PCSP meetings, contact us by email:

    We aim to build safer, shared and confident communities by:

    • engaging and consulting to help improve policing and community safety
    • working in partnership with local communities, partners and agencies
    • monitoring our performance and being transparent about what we have achieved, and
    • encouraging cooperation with, and inspiring confidence in the justice system and the police
  • Action Plan 2022-2023

    From December 2021 to March 2022, Belfast PCSP undertook a strategic assessment of Policing and Community Safety in Belfast. This exercise was undertaken to ensure that the priorities identified continue to reflect priority policing and community safety issues in the area and was informed by analysis of information provided by statutory partners, as well as the results of ongoing city wide engagement and consultation on policing and community safety across the council area.

    To ask for a copy of the Action Plan 2022-2023, please email

  • Strategic assessment

    Belfast City Council commissioned SJC consultancy to conduct a strategic assessment which informed the Belfast Policing and Community Safety Partnership's Strategic Direction and Action Plan 2022-2025.

    To receive a copy of this report, please email

  • Annual reports

    Current and previous annual reports are available. Please email for:

    • PCSP annual report
    • North Belfast DPCSP annual report
    • East Belfast DPCSP annual report
    • South Belfast DPCSP annual report
    • West Belfast DPCSP annual report
  • Equality schemes

    For a copy of Belfast PCSP's current equality scheme, please email

  • Disability Action Plans

    Belfast PCSP and the north, south, east and west district PCSPs Disability Action Plans are updated annually. To ask for a copy, please email

  • PCSP events

    All PCSP events are in our events section.

  • Members

    The list of members was updated on 26 January 2023.

    Belfast PCSP

    Political members Independent members Designates
    Councillor Micky Murray, Alliance (PCSP Chair) John MacVicar (Vice-Chair) Chief Superintendent Darrin Jones, PSNI
    Councillor Conor Maskey, SF (North Chair) Michael Boyle Pauline Smart, EA
    Councillor Gary McKeown, SDLP (South Chair) Mary Lambe Bryan Nelson, HSCT
    Councillor Sammy Douglas, DUP (East Chair) Vincent Mogey Aengus Hannaway, NIHE
    Councillor Claire Canavan, SF (West Chair)  Paula Quigley GC Davy Harbinson, NIFRS
    Councillor Micheal Donnelly, SF Norma Shearer Emer Loughran, PBNI
    Councillor Anthony Flynn, Green Michael Shields Patricia Muldoon, YJA
    Councillor Michelle Kelly, Alliance Gordie Walker  
    Councillor Tracy Kelly, DUP    

    North Belfast DPCSP

    Political members Independent members Designates
    Councillor Conor Maskey, SF (Chair) Grace Peacock (Vice-Chair) Chief Inspector Allister Hagan, PSNI
    Councillor Fred Cobain, DUP Thomas Cheevers Mark McBride, EA
    Councillor JJ Magee, SF Ian McLaughlin Gabi Mornhinweg, HSCT
    Councillor Sam Nelson, Alliance Ciaran Shannon Gerard Flynn, NIHE
    Councillor Mal O’Hara, Green Bernard McClure Lloyd Doree, NIFRS
    Councillor Dean McCullough, DUP   Claire Houston, PBNI
        Dermot Magorrian, YJA

    South Belfast DPCSP

    Political members Independent members Designates
    Councillor Gary McKeown, SDLP (Chair) Richard Kennedy (Vice-Chair) Chief Inspector Finola Dornan, PSNI
    Councillor John Gormley, SF Raied Al-Wazzan Anita Duff, EA
    Councillor Sarah Bunting, DUP Catherine Leonard Yvonne McKnight, HSCT
    Councillor Aine Groogan, Green Thérése McCartney Paul McCombe, NIHE
    Councillor Emmet McDonough-Brown, Alliance Bob Stoker Chris Lammey, NIFRS
    Councillor Geraldine McAteer, SF   Liz Walker, PBNI
        Harry Bradley, YJA

    East Belfast DPCSP

    Political members Independent members Designates
    Councillor Sammy Douglas, DUP (Chair) Gareth Wright (Vice-Chair) Chief Inspector Rosie Thompson, PSNI
    Alderman Sonia Copeland, UUP Amy Gillen-Ashe Mark McBride, EA
    Alderman Tom Haire, DUP Lisa McMaster Sandra McCarry or Bryan Nelson HSCT
    Councillor Michelle Kelly, Alliance Pádraig O’Donnghaile Gary Ballantyne, NIHE
    Councillor Geraldine McAteer SF Janet Watson Chris Lammey, NIFRS
    PUP Vacant   Clare Osborne, PBNI
        Dermot Magorrian, YJA

    West Belfast DPCSP

    Political members Independent members Designates
    Councillor Claire Canavan, SF (Chair) Michael O’Hara (Vice-Chair) Chief Inspector Peter Brannigan, PSNI
    Councillor Matt Collins, PBPA Aoife McCrory Pauline Smart or Anita Duff, EA
    Councillor Micheal Donnelly, SF Paul McDonnell Paul O’Neill, HSCT
    Councillor Brian Heading, SDLP Michael George Margaret Marley or Paddy Kelly, NIHE
    Councillor Micky Murray, Alliance Ewan Suttie Lloyd Doree, NIFRS
    Councillor Nicola Verner, DUP   Nicola Bradshaw, PBNI
        Harry Bradley, YJA
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