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Regeneration in Belfast

Grey to Green City Centre Fund

  • Making the city centre greener

    Our Bolder Vision for Belfast identifies the importance of transforming critical parts of Belfast to create a safer, greener and more accessible city. We’re inviting expressions of interest from Belfast businesses, social enterprises, charities and schools that want to help us ‘green’ the city centre. We want to gauge interest in a fund to support green projects in the city centre. We also want to identify potential project locations.

    Green project proposals

    We are interested in project proposals for the city centre that introduce trees, plants, vegetation and flowers and encourage biodiversity.

  • Grey to Green fund objectives

    The fund will make Belfast city centre more attractive with structures allowing vegetation to spread over building facades or exterior walls, or introducing trees, plants, vegetation and flowers to vacant and derelict city centre sites.

    The fund objectives include:

    • introducing sustainable vegetation to city centre vacant sites, hoarding or underutilised space
    • exploring the potential to use structures to grow vegetation vertically on prominent city centre buildings
    • introducing native species to the city centre
    • introducing wildlife using bug hotels
  • Grey to Green grants

    An eligible greening project in Belfast city centre could get a capital grant between £3,000 and £30,000. Small grants between £500 and £3,000 might also be available to support small scale city centre greening projects.

  • Project completion

    Projects must be completed by 31 March 2023.

    Project maintenance

    If a project is awarded a grant, the applicant will be responsible for regular maintenance of the greening infrastructure and ongoing capital costs after the project is complete.

  • Eligible organisations

    We invite proposals from Belfast-based small to medium sized enterprises, social enterprises, charities, community groups and schools for projects which will make the city centre greener.

    This includes using vacant or derelict sites temporarily, introducing vertical planting on building walls and structures and other large scale ideas to plant vegetation and encourage biodiversity in the city centre.

  • Criteria for Grey to Green projects

    Applicants must provide details on where projects will be located, the benefits the proposed project will achieve and how the project aligns with these criteria:

    • City centre location: greening projects should be located within the city centre and the applicant must have written permission from the landowner to use the proposed site.
    • Help combat pollution: applicants should outline how their greening project would help combat pollution, such as using plants like ivy.
    • Sustainable: greening should be done in a sustainable manner, with a view to how the project will be maintained in the future.
    • Pollinators and native species: applicants should consider how pollinators and native species can be introduced to their projects.
    • Introduction of wildlife: the integration of insect and bug hotels in projects is encouraged.
    • Visible to the public: projects must be visible to the public. If a proposal includes a rooftop garden, this space must be accessible to the public.
  • Grey to Green fund next stages

    Depending on the value of proposals, we anticipate the fund will support the development of greening in up to 10 city centre locations. We will award grants to projects that most closely align to the scheme’s criteria and objectives.

  • Expressing your interest in greening a city centre location

    To ask for an expression of interest questionnaire, email

    Grey to Green information session

    We’re hosting a Grey to Green online information session on Tuesday 29 November at 12.30pm.

    If you’d like to attend, please email and include 'Grey to Green online session' as the subject. We will send you a link to join the session.

  • Closing date for expression of interest

    The closing date for returning an expression of interest is 4pm on Monday 12 December 2022.

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