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IT training

Clockwise Employee Course (Belfast City Council staff only)

  • Course duration

    9.30am - 11.30am

  • Course description

    The Clockwise Employee course is aimed at all office based staff with access to the Clockwise Time and Attendance system. The course covers how to check your flexi balance, apply for leave and check your holiday balance.

  • Course agenda

    Exercise Details
    Exercise 1 The clocking screen
    Exercise 2  Clockwise screen – logging on
    Exercise 3  Main screen and buttons
    Exercise 4  Logout button
    Exercise 5 

    Personal details button

    1. Explaining tabs

    2. Viewing history button

    Exercise 6 

    Employee balance screen

    1. Find balance button

    2. Load next year button

    3. Load previous year button

    Exercise 7 

    Absence entry

    1. Add leave

    2. Add comment

    3. Find absence button

    4. View authorisation button

    5. Extend absence

    Exercise 8

    Employee yearly calendar

    1. Colours

    2. Zoom in and out buttons

    3. Load last year

    4. Load this year

    Exercise 9 

    Employee clock card

    1. Load last week
    2. Load next week
    3. Find by date button
    4. Absence screen
    5. Explanation of screen
    ​Exercise 10 

    Drop down menus in main screen

    1. File ddm – change password

    2. Reports ddm 

  • Goals and objectives of course

    Goals of this course

    1. To make the employee aware of the functionality of the clockwise time and attendance system.
    2. To improve the employee’s knowledge of the various tools provided within clockwise and, thus, make their use of this personal management application more efficient.

    Objectives of this course

    After attending this course you will be able to:

    1. access clockwise and clocking applications
    2. navigate through menus and screens
    3. reset your password
    4. record clocking’s via computer
    5. understand use of icons
    6. view your personnel details
    7. view your history details.
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