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Support for Sport

  • Support for Sport

    Tranche 2 of the small grants scheme is open to applications. There are three categories giving focus to Support for Sport. Funding is available to support activity taking place between 1 December 2022 and 31 March 2023.

    Make an application for any of the three categories

  • Small Development Support for Sport Grants

    Eligible sports activity

    • Coach education
    • Kick start – new clubs or sections
    • Equipment grants
    • Try-it events
    • Club development
    • Sports festivals or development events

    How much you can apply for

    • 75 per cent of eligible costs up to a maximum of £1500
    • Equipment grant of £250 (within three years)
    • 80 per cent payment upfront
    • 20 per cent on production of end of event report form and original receipts
    • Cap on medals and marketing of £200 each
  • Hospitality grants

    Eligible hospitality activity

    • Hospitality linked to large sporting events in the city
    • Must bring in a minimum of 50 guests from outside Northern Ireland
    • Assessed on
      • Tourism – number of visitors
      • Bednights
      • Media coverage

    How much you can apply for

    Maximum award of £3,000 based on the number of visitors to Belfast from outside Northern Ireland.

    • More than 50 visitors but less than 100 visitors: £1,000 maximum eligible
    • More than 100 visitors but less than 200 visitors: £2,000 maximum eligible
    • More than 200 visitors: £3,000 maximum

    Events where possible should take place in City Hall however if not available must take place within Belfast.

  • Sporting Individual Grants

    Eligible sports activity

    • Applications from recognised sports governing bodies on behalf of:
      • individuals and people playing “team sports” that meet the recognised governing body criteria.
    • To financially assist talented athletes on the international stage.
    • Grants to assist towards expenses for preparation, training and competition’s recognised by their governing body.
    • Individuals must be on GB’s High Performance Squads or equivalent in an Olympic, Paralympic or Commonwealth Sport.

    How much you can apply for

    • The maximum award is £1,000 towards out-of-pocket expenses
    • Excludes day-to-day living costs, membership or insurance, equipment and salaries

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