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Arts and Heritage Fund

Arts and heritage small grants aim to celebrate Belfast’s distinct culture, history and legacy.


Grants are available for arts and heritage organisations who design unique creative projects to attract new participants and audiences to the arts. 

To apply for the Arts and Heritage Fund, your organisation will need to have a constitution or memorandum and articles of association and must be operating on a not-for-profit basis. Local authorities, public sector bodies and individuals who are working on a sole project are not eligible to apply.

Projects must also be based within the Belfast City Council area, have shared learning benefits with the council and the wider community.

They must not exclude anyone on the grounds of ethnicity, religion or political opinion. 

To be successful in funding applications, projects will need to demonstrate that they are unique, have not begun, and are not charity or fundraising events or activities.

Funding limits

The maximum grant is £10,000 and there is no minimum threshold. Project budgets must also have 20 per cent cash match-funding from other sources. This means that if your budget is £10,000, at least £2,000 must come from:

  • income
  • organisation budget
  • other funding, or 
  • sponsorship.

Case studies

These case studies showcase two cultural organisations who have received Arts and Heritage Funding.

Funding awarded

2017 - 2018

2016 - 2017

2014 - 2015

2013 - 2014

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