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Coronavirus update

Last updated: Thursday 2 April 2020

As we respond to coronavirus (COVID-19), we have streamlined our resources to prioritise delivery of essential services, such as waste collections and burials and cremations.

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Venues closed and services reduced

Bins, recycling centres and waste disposal

Waste and recycling collection services

  • From Wednesday 1 April, normal collections have resumed for black, brown and blue bins. Please present your bins for collection on your usual collection day. Blue bins that were missed will be collected on your next scheduled day. Find your bin collection day online.
  • Bryson recycling box collections are continuing as usual. From 6 April, you will need to sort your recycling differently. Find out how to sort your recycling from 6 April.
  • The wheelie box trial in north Belfast has been suspended. Please put your food and garden waste into your brown bin for collection. If possible, please continue to separate and store any recyclable waste until our normal collection resumes. If this is not possible, you can put these into your black bin.
  • We're unable to deliver green food waste bags at this time. If you have none left, you can put food scraps into your brown bin without a bag, or wrap them in newspaper instead.
To help our crews as much as possible, you should:
  • not leave side waste or extra rubbish bags next to your bin, as we can’t collect them
  • sort your recycling properly
  • ensure you wash your hands, before and after handling your bins or recycling boxes
  • wipe the handle of your bin and boxes down after you leave it at your usual collection point
  • not approach our staff and follow social distancing guidance
  • make sure disposable gloves are placed into your black bin once you’ve finished using them
  • visit NI Direct for more advice on bin hygiene and fly-tipping
You must not put items such as used tissues or disposable cleaning cloths into your recycling bins or boxes. This is very important.

Coronavirus waste

If you have suspected, or confirmed coronavirus, before you put items such as used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths in your black waste bin, you should:

  • double-bag them, tying the bags securely
  • keep them separate from other waste for 72 hours before putting them into your black waste bin for collection

Recycling centres and civic amenity sites closed

Our recycling centres and civic amenity sites are now closed. This is for the safety of our crews and the public. 

New black bin orders are suspended

If your black bin has been lost or stolen please email or call 0800 032 8100.

Bulky waste collections suspended

We’re not taking new bookings for bulky waste collections.

Commercial waste

There is disruption to our commercial services at this time.

Births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships

Register a death or stillbirth

An electronic system is now in place to register a death or a stillbirth.

Please call our registration office on 028 9027 0455 and we will complete the process by telephone.

Register a birth

You can now register your child at your GP practice.

Weddings and civil partnerships

We are unable to carry out weddings or civil partnership ceremonies at Belfast City Hall, Belfast Castle, Malone House or at external venues. We are not taking any bookings for marriages or civil partnerships.

We can only accept new applications for religious and humanist marriage notices by post at this time.


In line with emergency legislation, our cemeteries are closed to the public, sculptors and contractors. Access is only allowed for funeral corteges.

Burials and cremations

Burials will take place. But there are restrictions on burial arrangements at our cemeteries.

We have closed the chapel and facilities at Roselawn Crematorium to mourners.

Cremations will be carried out but no family or friends can attend.

Council services

While normal services have been suspended, you can use the following email addresses for any urgent queries. We will monitor these during office hours and deal with queries on a priority basis. We are unable to carry out visits to premises, unless it is an emergency and will always consider the safety of staff and members of the public.

For our dog warden service, email or for animal welfare, email

For port health, email  (or you can phone 028 9035 1199)

For Houses in Multiple Occupation, email for houses in multi occupation

For other urgent queries including: 

  • food safety
  • health and safety
  • pollution control
  • noise
  • off street parking
  • public health
  • housing

email and for emergencies outside normal working hours, telephone 07850 499622.

Pest control

We have cancelled all pest control inspections and are no longer making appointments.  If you already have an appointment, this will be cancelled.

Abandoned vehicles

We will not be dealing with abandoned vehicles. This service is suspended.

Venues and facilities

As we respond to coronavirus (COVID-19), many of our venues and facilities are closed.

Closures include:

Public toilets

Our public toilets are closed.


We have closed our playgrounds that can be locked. For those playgrounds that remain open, you must follow social distancing guidance.

Car parks

We are waiving off-street parking charges at our car parks in line with Department for Infrastructure.

Just Eat Belfast Bikes

Belfast Bikes rent a bike service has been suspended across Belfast. All bikes have been removed from the stations. Memberships will be frozen throughout this period.

Belfast Castle and Malone House

Belfast Castle and Malone House are closed to the public. Regrettably any functions, booked at either venue between now and the end of April, will be postponed or cancelled. 

Belfast City Council registrars will be unable to carry out any weddings or civil partnership ceremonies at Belfast Castle and Malone House.

We will keep the situation under review. 

You can email Belfast Castle at or Malone House at for more information. 


Our events are cancelled. Visit our events page for the latest updates.

Building Control, Planning Services and Licensing

Building Control, inspections, licences and permits

The Cecil Ward Building is closed for Building Control, licensing and permits but we are working remotely with a limited service.

Our office number 028 9027 0650 is unavailable but we can:

You can also:

Planning Service 

Our Planning Service is currently working within a limited capacity with no staff in our offices or on site.

Although we are reducing our normal services, we will progress current applications and appeals where possible. We aren't accepting new applications at this time and any that we receive by post, will be held and progressed later.

Call for businesses to support supply of ventilators and ventilator components

As part of the government response to Covid-19, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy is seeking UK businesses and organisations with the ability to design, manufacture or supply the following, as well as those who have, or provide, medical training or logistics capabilities.

If your business or organisation can help, find out more and register your details

  • Air Compressors / Pump
  • Air Filter, HEPA Filters
  • Bellows
  • Check valves / one-way valves
  • Electric Motors and motor controllers
  • Flow Control valves
  • Flow Sensors and Indicators
  • Gas mixing valves
  • Heat and moisture exchanging filters (HMEFs)
  • Industrial Automation components (Safety Relays, PLCs)
  • Linear actuators and controllers
  • Manometers
  • Oxygen Sensors and Indicators
  • Power Supplies
  • Pressure Regulators
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Pressure Sensors and Indicators
  • Self-inflating bags
  • Solenoid valves
  • Tubing and fittings

Health guidance

Please follow the current public health guidance on the Public Health Agency's website.

Look out for family, friends and neighbours who are vulnerable. You can register to volunteer to help organisations that are responding to coronavirus (COVID-19).

We continue to work on our business continuity planning and will keep you updated on this website and on our social media channels.

Information on coronavirus (COVID-19) for Northern Ireland

Visit the nidirect website for advice on coronavirus (COVID-19), including government services which may be affected.