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Coronavirus update

  • Introduction

    Updated: Friday 30 April 2021

    We all have a role to play in stopping the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19):

    1. Follow NI Executive guidelines 
    2. Wear a face covering
    3. Practise social distancing
    4. Wash and sanitise your hands

    Visit nidirect's website (link opens in new window) for information on the restrictions.

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Venues and services information

Business advice and support

Enforcement and regulation

  • Complying with the regulations

    Our staff have been working with businesses and providing guidance around compliance, as well as operating a dedicated helpline for businesses during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

    We are jointly responsible for enforcing the regulations with the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI).

    Officers from our compliance team visit businesses and investigate complaints to ensure compliance with the Coronavirus (COVID) regulations.

    Our primary aim is to encourage businesses to comply with the regulations but if necessary, and in the interests of public health and safety, our officers will use the full range of enforcement powers available to them in line with our enforcement and regulation policy.

    Under the COVID regulations, inspectors can take enforcement action in the form of a fixed penalty notice, a prohibition notice and/or a premises improvement notice.

    1. A fixed penalty notice is a fine for committing an offence, starting at £1,000 to a maximum of £10,000.
    2. A prohibition notice requires a business to immediately stop an activity that is contravening the requirements of the coronavirus law.
    3. A premises improvement notice requires a business to take action to comply with the requirements of the coronavirus law within a specified time.

    Further information on the requirements of the Coronavirus regulations can be found at (link opens in new window).

    If you are concerned about a business that may not be complying with the Coronavirus regulations you can contact us by email

Advice and support for residents

  • Belfast community support

    We are working with community, voluntary and statutory providers in Belfast to make sure that our residents’ needs are supported throughout the pandemic.

  • Advice for pet owners

    We are advising animal owners to make sure their pets are kept under control during coronavirus (COVID-19). This can help to keep members of the public safe, and allow social distancing guidance to be followed. 

    We ask that dogs are kept on a lead when out in public, and for dog owners to check their pets are secure when they are at home to minimise the risk of straying. 

  • #AWeeBitOfHope campaign

    We still need to be on our guard against COVID-19, but the longer evenings and warmer temperatures give us hope for better days ahead. So, this spring, we’re using our social media channels to spread #AWeeBitOfHope.

    Read about the campaign

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