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Future City Centre Programme

  • Future City Centre Programme

    The Future City Centre Programme seeks to address challenges facing the city centre including the emerging retail, tourism and hospitality landscape and the need to reimagine and diversify to future-proof the city centre.

    The programme aims to reimagine the city centre by addressing the importance of vitality, the diversification of land, promoting mixed uses, open and green spaces and community infrastructure.

    Key programme strands include:

    • physical regeneration and environmental improvements
    • city centre vitality
    • addressing vacancies
    • positioning the city to compete
    • business support and digital innovation
    • policy

    The programme has been developed from recommendations from the Belfast City Centre Retail Analysis and with city centre businesses, BIDs, Chamber and government agencies.

  • The Five Cs

    The Five Cs project is a public realm scheme which will be delivered by the Department for Communities (DfC) in partnership with Belfast City Council. It will be the first public realm scheme in Belfast to be delivered utilising Developer Contributions agreed through the planning process. The project will enhance surfacing, lighting, landscaping, and street furniture within five city centre streets.
    The project includes these areas:

    • Chichester Street
    • Callender Street
    • College Avenue
    • College Court
    • College Street
  • College Court Jam

    Take a look at our College Court Jam gallery.  College Court Jam (Flickr gallery)

  • Five Cs city centre revitalisation project

    We’re starting work in February 2023 to improve the appearance of several Belfast city centre streets, as part of our Bolder Vision.

    You’ll see painting, enhanced lighting, greenery, new artwork and general streetscape repairs underway in:

    • Callender Street
    • College Court
    • College Street
    • Upper Arthur Street
    • Patterson’s Place

    Map of Belfast showing the streets that will have work carried out as part of the 5Cs revitalisation project, including Callender Street, College Court, College Street, Upper Arthur Street and Patterson’s Place.

    This work is being done in advance of the Five Cs Public Realm Scheme (link opens in new window) which aims to enhance several streets across Belfast city centre areas that have recently seen, or will soon see, significant private sector investment in surrounding buildings, but where the streetscape needs upgrading. 

    The aim of the project is to increase footfall; in turn reducing instances of anti-social behaviour and enhancing safety perceptions in these locations.

Questions about the Five Cs city centre revitalisation project

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